In the late 2010’s, the alphabet soup “LGBTQ” agenda in western countries has successfully made the decades long transition from tolerance (stage 1), to acceptance (stage 2), to support / pride (stage 3), to the next frontier of workplace coercion (stage 4).

Depending on your line of work, you may now have absolutely no choice as to whether or not you despise, tolerate, accept, or support the ever-expanding homosexual juggernaut.

In 2018, the United States national soccer teams are now the latest bigtime organizations to be 100% on the butthole surfing bandwagon, and are mandating that their players wear special sodomy supporting jerseys during their June matches for “pride” month.

This is nothing more than a growing element of queer fascism infecting western society with more cultural AIDS, and is akin to being made to wear an unwanted Star of David on your back while earning your bread playing kickabout.

More Globohomo Workplace Bullying Of Christians, Conservatives, And Masculinity

Are you Christian and think that homosexuality is a sin? Do you think that two men having their merry way with each other is absolutely revolting? Or maybe your just plain sick of this degenerate agenda being shoved down our throats via relentless Twitter hashtags, Google doodles, and Youtube ads?

And finally, ‘won’t someone please think of the children!’ when the untrained eyes of our offspring are forced to bear witness to all these salacious and lewd gay pride events?

Well Globohomo Inc. doesn’t care about you when it comes to professional soccer now. Support the sodomizers or be benched, booed, and roasted! Because “this is America” and like, “it’s the current year” and stuff.

The Rainbow Mafia Already Made A Sacrifice

Jaelene Hinkle

Meet the devout Christian Jaelene Hinkle. She’s currently a defender for the small market ‘North Carolina Courage’, and last year she turned down a call-up to the U.S. national women’s team because of the jersey the team was going to wear for two friendlies to honor the LGBTQ community. Hinkle respectfully said she “felt so convicted in my spirit that it wasn’t my job to wear this jersey.”

Accordingly, Hinkle was axed from participation in those June matches, and has not been called up to the national team ever since. (Professing your love for the Bible and the 97% of people who are heterosexual has consequences didn’t cha know?)

Let’s sacrifice her to our gay God! – Portland fans

Now apparently this has only become news this year, as another set of June “pride month” matches are about to take place, and news travels fast.


Hinkle recently received boos in SJW-magnet Portland (where else?) when her Carolina Courage beat the Portland Thorns. Some in the crowd waved rainbow flags at her, and one fan even brought a banner saying “Personal Reasons” in rainbow colors, a clear jab at the reason given for Hinkle’s dissenting choice in 2017. She didn’t give any interviews after the match, obviously bewildered and perhaps even somewhat fearful of her safety.

Conclusion – Say No To U.S. Soccer

Look how “down with the cause” and soy we are!

I was never a big fan of U.S. Soccer / Association Football to begin with. In fact, the biggest interest I ever took in the sport was when the men’s team actually made it to the World Cups. My far-fetched dream was that success in the tournament would silence snooty Europeans and Australians who always bitch about the United States being too insular, and improve the common citizens (admittedly) rather pitiful understanding of global geography.

Well, that ain’t happening this year.

Iceland, a tiny “white supremacist” island of little over 300,000 Nordics, qualified for the 2018 World Cup as the smallest participant in history. Meanwhile, “diversity is our strength” USA with over 300,000,000 people from every skin color and hair color imaginable from the Crayola crayon box, couldn’t seal a win over tiny Trinidad & Tobago to (barely) make it to the tournament in Russia.

The diversity-free Icelandic soccer team is going to the World Cup, with less than 1/1000th the population of “diversity is our strength” USA which failed to qualify.

It really does tear into the American psyche how tiny and benign countries like Portugal, Iceland, the Netherlands, or Trinidad and Tobago can dominate the United States in the realm of well… anything, and accordingly interest in international soccer will remain only a niche market for quite some time to come.

That niche market is only going to get smaller still, as the more right-leaning half of an increasingly polarised country is going to tune out international U.S. soccer in large numbers now. I highly recommend doing the same, and punish the U.S. soccer administration for their moronic pro-HIV and anti-fertility virtue signaling which is leading to kindhearted heterosexuals being bullied.

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