In April 2018, Ulster University withdrew the emeritus title from world famous scientist Robert Lynn because of pressure from the Student’s Union. The union beseeched the university to end all association with Professor Lynn because his views were “racist and sexist in nature”.

Professor Lynn, through empirical research and detailed studies has claimed that men are on average 5 IQ points higher and that East Asians, Chinese in particular, have the highest IQs. To any common person, these assertions are self-evident. Men overwhelmingly choose STEM subjects compared to women and even till now, most of the world’s notable discoveries and inventions are made by men. The Chinese control the world’s 2nd biggest economy and exist as a dominant minority across the globe. But for the hard leftist students union, hurt feeling and political correctness trumps cold hard logic. Proving the old adage…

It is troubling that an educational institute residing in a Western democracy has caved in to the self-indulgent polemics of these uninformed undergraduates. Plurality of views and the freedom of speech are among the cornerstone values that vaulted Western civilization to greatness. Universities nowadays are no stranger to regressive students attempting to ban elected politicians from speaking and this is a troubling development.

Anyone familiar with Professor Lynn’s work will of course mention his work on the theory of dysgenics. In his prescient 1996 book Dysgenics: Genetic Deterioration in Modern Population, he correctly identified the worrying trend that lower IQ groups were having more offspring than those with a higher IQ. A theory most popularized in the crass 2006 film Idiocracy, which ironically regained prominence as an explanation for Trump’s presidential election. Still nowadays people have begun to lament Idiocracy as an accurate dystopian prediction. A pity, since this theory has roots as far back as the 19th century.

Dysgenics again is utterly self-evident, yet glaringly not spoken about. There is a directly correlation between the educational attainment of women and the nation’s birth rates. Women in developing nations are married off at a far younger age than in the West. The result is that women who are in their reproductive primes can give birth to multiple children, whereas developed nations like Japan are experiencing a population free fall.

Even with the advances in modern medicine, educated couples are struggling to conceive. Professor Lynn had noted that criminals were noted to have a higher number of offspring than the law-abiding citizens. This comes as a surprise to no one, considering the number of daytime TV shows dedicated to paternity tests of low socioeconomic individuals.


But the science is there to state the phenomenon and to explain it. We know that woman are drawn towards bad boys because of their perceived dangerous, which they hope will produce more successful offspring. However in modern day society, siring children with irresponsible individuals leads to offspring raised in single parent homes. Consequently, they are less mentally stable and more likely to end up committing crimes. It simply isn’t conducive to society, and previously the Western world recognized this.

That is why criminals were forcibly sterilized, and the “outdated” social mores of asking for the parent’s blessings existed. In an increasingly globalized and automated world, it will be quality (tool making/maintaining) over quantity (tool using/breaking). What the asinine Left has failed to realize is that their “progressive” ideas are leading to outright civilizational collapse.

If current trends continue with street thug Tyrone Jackson having eight kids with eight different baby mamas, and mild-mannered IT specialist Peter Swanson has zero. Eventually you are just left with a nation of feckless unskilled delinquent Tyrones and Tiannas.

China was perhaps the wisest to this. Whilst the one-child policy created a massive gender imbalance, it had one significant benefit. Richer parents could afford fines for having additional children, whilst the poorest were limited to one. Although farmers had exemptions, this general idea was still light years ahead of the thoughtless lack of family planning in the modern day West.

China, as always, is the country that is planning ahead. This is why it’s global ascendancy is guaranteed. When confronted with the theory of dysgenics and Dr Lynn’s laborious research, China will ignore any opposition, both internal and external, in order to enact a solution. Currently Chinese women are also marrying later due to work and education. Yet China will not think twice in forcing the women to marry younger and forgo these diversions for the good of the politic body.

In short, Leftist delusions on equality and progressiveness are a road map to decadence and ruin. Uncomfortable truths need to be spoken and unpopular decisions need to be made because that is what it means to be responsible. To take ownership of the situation, plan for the future and make tough decisions.

The truly depressing fact is that a professor who has committed his entire career towards meaningful research has been utterly dismissed by both the scientific community and the public because his findings were uncomfortable truth. He could have easily engaged in less controversial research and towed the line; instead he did what any real scientist would do and objectively analyse the facts. Had Japan or any other Western nation taken heed to Professor Lynn’s work 20 years ago, we might have avoided this ignoble fate.

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