Axioms that seem to have permeated our civilization for the better part of recorded history have been: (1) men are rational (e.g. Socrates, Plato, Aristotle), while (2) women are emotional (e.g. Nancy Pelosi). Of course there is overlap between the sexes, depending on the individual, but we have set up a society that reflects these biological and mental distinctions. It is no surprise that by changing that paradigm that problems will occur, as we have seen with the degradation and ultimate downfall of the West.

Currently, men no longer have societal pressures to be “manly.” Quite the contrary. Men are promoted to be more like women, and vice versa. Nevertheless, a man will never be as good a woman as a woman (sorry Bruce Jenner), and the same is true for any woman who believes she will make a better warrior or leader than a man.

As a former Infantry Marine who served two combat tours in Iraq I can attest to this fact: women are not only ill-suited for fighting, they complicate the male-group’s dynamics. For anyone who had driven by the barracks of deployed units only to see small formations of pregnant W.M.’s (women Marines), all non-deployable, you can see evidence of this. More still return from theatre pregnant, typically afforded a harem of young men during their “service.”

However, I digress. It is not my purpose to write about the incorrect fit of women in combat units, or other male-exclusive environments (e.g. the Boy Scouts), it is to explain a current phenomenon in light of the female-centric view of society we currently enjoy. As someone with an undergraduate background in sociology (yes, I spent nearly every minute of every class arguing with the professor) prior to going to business school, I’ve learned that in order to analyze any phenomenon, one has to take as an objective, non-biased view as possible. The phenomenon I speak of is non other than the #metoo epitomized false allegations women launch on men.

The reason this topic is difficult for me to take an objective view of is due to the fact that I was personally falsely accused of domestic violence, arrested, and put in jail for nearly a week before being released. A little bit of background: I met a girl while in graduate school (she was an undergrad), we “dated” for nearly two months, then we broke up (and I’m being frank here) because I wasn’t interested in her despite her best attempts to rope me into a serious relationships.

We separated on what I thought were amicable terms near the end of summer 2017, and met once for coffee a few weeks later. Yet, a month after we had last seen each other she went to the police department, looking disheveled, and told them that I had assaulted her.

A girl that couldn’t get me to take her out to save her life told a story of me tracking her down in the middle of a city, while I was supposedly drunk, on a Tuesday night (after working 10 hours), pushing her against a wall and claiming that she was my property. As incredulous as this sounded, she said just this. As a single guy, who lived alone a ten minute walk from the city center, I was vulnerable to these allegations. After all, this could have easily turned into a he-said-she-said affair, and we all know whose voice has more weight, a crying girl.


Yet, as someone that was in the process of closing on a house, I was on my last month of the apartment lease, had already moved nearly everything I owned to my family’s house in the interim, which was also where I had been staying all that week. Uh oh, that wasn’t in her plan (i.e. me having an alibi).

Nevertheless, I spent a week in jail and nearly lost my job, only to have the charges dropped just before jury selection. Without any witnesses, with the city and private cameras in the area showing no assault, with eye-witness testimonies placing me at a different location, and full transparency of all credit card purchases made that month (which would be how I acquired any alcohol in order to stumbling around drunk) it still took six months and ten thousand dollars to clear the matter up.

Apart from the thousands in legal fees and lost wages, the false allegations, which trigger the courts and police to treat you like a monster, caused me intense emotional anguish. A side note, I am technically disabled due to combat related post-traumatic stress disorder. My accuser knew this, and because her feelings were hurt she disregarded this, possibly believing her claim could cause me to kill myself.

I did fall into a depression, drank myself into numbness on countless nights, and even fell so low to where I was calling the Veterans suicide hotline every other week. I went through this for six months: the time it took for the third prosecutor to finally review the evidence and say, “Well, we really don’t have much here, and she’s gone AWOL; so, we’ll drop charges.” While this was an immense relief, the damage has already been done. Men go through this each and every day.

This is the power women have—they can make a claim and society believes them because they’re cute and can cry on command. Few men (young and old alike) truly understand that we are fully vulnerable to the whims of women. The problem is we want to protect women; it is a natural inclination for a man to stand guard over the women in his life, and even a stranger. This protection instinct can, and is manipulated by women to get us to throw other men in prison, to kill other men, and to marry women when they have used up the best years of their life and fertility on casual affairs. Sadly, it has caused the system to throw out due process.

While the FBI estimates approximately 2-8% of rape allegations are false, the pure number of false allegations for any type of abuse is probably far higher. However, there is little estimation for such a quantity. The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) does better on gathering information in regard to actual offense number, but objectively neither of these numbers can come to a true picture of the men who are victimized by women via a false allegation. Nor do these numbers, even if we could accurately gather them, illustrate the pain that an innocent man faces at the hands of society. It’s truly a shame for half of the population.

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