You may not know it, but the very fact that you run around having sex with a variety of beautiful girls all the time proves you’re a misogynist. They’re just conquests to you; you don’t care about the “real” them. You just want to fuck them. And that makes you a woman hater.

All you have to offer these women is an incredible emotional and sexual ride. And then what? You don’t buy them anything. You don’t entertain them or sit through their long soliloquies about mindless minutiae. You just use them for your pleasure and leave them high and dry when you get bored of them. You don’t even have the decency to stick around once your interest in each other naturally wanes.

Truly, only a man who hates women as much as you do would expend such a colossal amount of effort and brave the countless rejections and disappointments necessary in order to become a better communicator, a better seducer, a better listener, a better lover, and a better man.

In your selfish quest for pussy, you take women on an emotional roller coaster that they’ll only go on maybe a small handful of times in their entire lives. But you’re short-sighted. Because when these women are on their death beds, you think they’ll think of you? Please.

They’ll be nostalgically recounting their many happy days of working in the office and climbing the career ladder. The memory of a summer tryst with some mysterious playboy won’t even make her old pussy wet one last time. Or let her die knowing she experienced some beauty in this world during her short visit. You should do the world a favor and have your tubes tied.

You’re A Sex Tourist.

You leave the West for a stint abroad. You discover that in your new country, women act like… women. And because you’re biologically driven to find femininity incredible alluring, you actively pursue these foreign girls. Thus, you are a sex tourist.

What’s that you say? You never pay for sex abroad? Doesn’t matter. You’re a sex tourist because we said so. We bend words to our liking. We don’t approve of your activities, therefore you are a sex tourist. Get it? It’s really quite logical. But you think with your dick, so it might take your perverted little mind a bit of time to process our superior form of reasoning.

Maybe if you had stayed in your miserable, Anglophone country with its mannish, uncouth, ill-tempered ‘women’, we might have let you off the hook. Maybe. But you’ve deserted us and discovered that you don’t have to deal with our bullshit ever again. You’ve found out the truth. And now you’re out telling other people about it. Tsk, tsk.


Well, sex tourist, you’ve forced our hand. Now we’re going to do everything in our considerable, government-subsidized, socially supported power to silence, shame and denigrate you. By the time we’re through with you, your livelihood and reputation will be shot to death with a Tommy gun-like barrage of articles, written by our snarky sisters at Jezebel. And you’ll come crawling back to us, begging us for the privilege to grovel at the feet of the ugliest and most obese among us, of whom there is a considerable supply.

So enjoy your blissful sexual escapades with sweet, feminine women in a warm paradise while you can, sex tourist. Because eventually, you’ll have to return to your home country and… wait, you’ll eventually have to return, won’t you? Won’t you??

You Are Whatever We Say You Are

If you weren’t. Then why would we say you are? The fact that you’ve hurt nobody and have given many women great pleasure is all the evidence we need to indict you. Actually, the fact that you’re a man is enough.

Because we’ve been so well-educated by our benevolent feminist foremothers, we know that your very existence as a strong, unapologetic, sexual man threatens our ability to acquire and wield power. And we like power. It’s intoxicating. You’ve had it for so long; it’s not fair! So now it’s our turn, ‘cuz we want it too!

Sure, maybe you can hide away for a while in Thailand, or Russia, or Colombia, or China and put our shrill voices and amorphous bodies out of your mind. But it’s only a matter of time before our tentacles reach around to your side of the world. Then we will make your activities illegal and punishable by copious amounts of estrogen therapy. We’ll make you grow tits just to make you feel what’s it’s like.

You think we’re kidding, don’t you? You think this is all a big, grotesque joke, huh? Well, maybe you’ll be too old to do anything about it, but our enlightened public school educators will be putting your sons in dresses to teach them the value of womanhood. And there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.

We’ll make sure the last thing you see before you shuffle off this mortal coil is a photograph of your son wearing lipstick and gayly flipping his wrist. And we do mean gayly. We’ll have the last laugh, sex tourist. So enjoy the free-for-all while you can.

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