A couple weeks ago I wrote an article about ways women make themselves more masculine. It occurred to me after I wrote that article that I missed one of the worst ways women make themselves more manly: ridiculous physical strength.

I’m not talking about healthy women. Women should have some strength. It is necessary for traditionally feminine roles (you’d be surprised how much strength you need to care for children). But so many women today are going well beyond the strength they need to be good at what they should do. When you consider also that being too strong makes women unattractive, it becomes obvious that all their strength-building is done for a sick sense of vanity. Or perhaps penis envy. You decide.

That’s not to say fit women aren’t attractive. On the contrary, fit women are the most attractive. The women I’m referring to take their workouts/athleticism/muscle-building/fat-burning to extreme levels. These images will demonstrate just how ugly women’s pursuits to be physically manly makes them.

1. There’s a lot to not like here, but the neck is what really gets me.

2. I’d be genuinely frightened if she offered me a good ol’ fashioned

3. Is there anything more selfish, vain, or disgusting than a woman risking the health of her unborn child just to keep her clean-and-jerk up?

4. At least she has nice hair

5. What machine works the neck like that?

6. So this is what happened to Chong Li after Bloodsport


7. It’s not just strength training that makes women unattractive. This woman is clearly damaging for no legitimate reason.

8. Is the “virgin” on her shirt a sponsor or a label because I can’t see many men being physically attracted to her?

9. I see nothing feminine here

10. From pretty to untouchable in what, three rounds?

11. I really do not want to see the front

12. She should’ve stopped in 2013

13. If you couldn’t see any of their faces you’d think this Seal Team 6

14. I’d bet all three have chest hair

15. I’m only assuming they’re women because of their outfits

Again, fit women are the most beautiful. You don’t get a body like this without being fit:

But the women featured above took their fitness to obsessive, self-destructive levels. They wanted to be more like men, and unfortunately, they got what they asked for.

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