Here are some long-form articles I got value from:

1. How the left used terrorist acts in the past with protection from liberal institutions [Link]

2. The history of the duel [Link]

3. The power of the NSA [Link]

4. Experiment suggests that reality doesn’t exist until it is measured [Link]

5. How Benito Mussolini took power [Link]

6. Sperm killers and rising male infertility [Link]

7. No patrirachy without patriarchs [Link]

8. The political life of Pat Buchanan [Link]

9. Will the United States end up like Argentina? [Link]

10. The sexual decadence of Weimar Germany [Link]

11. Ten years of the manosphere [Link]

12. The US Empire, the CIA, and the NGOs [Link]

13. The history of Jews and moneylending [Link]

14. Google is not what it seems [Link]


15. How police interrogation works [Link]

16. The nightmare of Britain’s foreign doctors [Link]

17. History of the “Playboy lifestyle” [Link]

18. The participatory universe [Link]

19. How a man tried to recover $30,000 in lost Bitcoin [Link]

20. Lessons from Jessica Valenti’s “Sex Object” [Link]

21. Where the small-town american dream lives on [Link]

22. I have forgotten how to read [Link]

23. Right-wing activism always fails [Link]

24. Spraying Round-up on wheat fields prior to harvest may be causing health problems [Link]

I use the Five Filters app for Chrome to send articles to my Kindle for offline reading.

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