I’ve noticed a lot of men that work out in the gym focus mostly on the upper body. I cannot recall any time I ever had to wait in line to use the squat rack, dead lift pads, or hip machines. I routinely see people waiting in line to use the bench, sometimes two or three deep. While it is admirable that men have the dedication and discipline to actually work out, working upper body almost exclusively is not utilizing the full potential of one’s physical self.


Why Men Workout

There are three main motivations I’ve seen in men to improve themselves physically. One is to feel impressive, which is good for self-esteem. Another is to appear impressive to other people such as competitors or mates. The third motivation is to actually be impressive, to accomplish physical tasks. Utilizing those three motivations, men should actually put as much if not more effort into lower body as they do their upper body.

Everyone has seen it one time or another, that guy whose physique is disproportional. Those massive arms and chest coupled with chicken legs that make one wonder how he can actually walk around. Maybe he became this way because he only looks at himself from the waist up in the mirror. Maybe he only does the exercises he feels he’s good at. Or maybe he just decided to work out as efficiently as possible to look good for the club and just wears baggy jeans. This disproportionate physique can actually work against him.


Reasons For Working The Entire Body

Building up your upper body to be huge is good but if it is trouble walking up three or four flights of stairs, there might be an issue. All the bicep curls in the world won’t help you run or jump. Your lower body supports your body most of the day in pretty much every you activity do. Therefore working on your lower body would actually improve your strength and stamina in almost every activity you do.


Having a visibly in shape lower body is quite impressive to observers. To a trained fighter an opponent with visibly developed lower body is far more intimidating than one with big biceps. Skinny legs are a turn off to woman for the most part. Well-developed glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps let a woman know you have the actual capability to rumble her ovaries.


I’m not advocating for men that they cut down on working out the upper body. I am merely advocating for the addition of lower body workout for those that avoid it. Try doing a few squats at the end of your usual routine. Add a few dead lifts here and there. While calf raises are good, I find sprinting and bicycle riding build calves up very well. No harm in trying something, and there is no actual legitimate argument against working lower body. In conclusion, if you go to the gym, workout your entire body.

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