When it comes to being alpha, everyone loves to focus on the verbals—what to say, how to say it, and the perfect responses to common quips and tests. But often underappreciated and ignored is the value of body language in being alpha and demonstrating your masculinity.

Your body language is highly indicative of your inner state and says a lot about you. In fact, it says much more than words ever will. As such, you can optimize your body language and over time reprogram your thought patterns and who you are as well as using it to communicate a great deal to the outside world without a single word.

With that in mind, here are three quick and easy alpha body language fixes that you can – and should – begin implementing right away.

1. Slow Things Down

Have you ever seen those squirrely guys who fidget and sway all over the place in a constant state of pressure and paranoia? Slooooow thiiiiiiingsssss downnnnnnnn. Rushing and fumbling about communicates a lack of control and increases that same sensation in your own mind, leading to that anxious, hectic feeling within you that sets off a domino effect of weakness. Make your movements more deliberate and graceful.

When you speak, don’t be in a hurry to get it all out on one breath. Whatever you do, take your time. You are in control of time and space; not the other way around.

Take that nugget of alpha wisdom to heart because it speaks volumes. You are not reactive. You demonstrate poise, control, and confidence in everything you do.

To practice, take the conscious effort to slow things down in your day to day tasks. Even dip your toes in the waters of slowed down absurdity just so that you can experience what it feels like. It’ll put you in the present moment and give you more enjoyment of everything you do. You’ll notice how moving slower will give you that little oomph of confidence and surefootedness that cranks up your masculine aura. Alpha sloth is alpha.

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Walking from point A to point B is about the only thing you should be doing quickly. But with momentum, drive, and purpose. None of that mall walker jumpsuit disco man business. This demonstrates power and confidence. The rest? Slow it down.

2. Lock Your Eyes

The eyes can give away everything about your inner state. Are you googly eyed quickly looking here, there, and everywhere? A shifty gaze indicates anxiety, insecurity, and weakness. Why are you looking around all over the place like the boogeyman is about to jump out from behind the corner at any moment?


Remember: You are in control. Act as if you knew everything about everything and everyone in your vicinity and put them there on purpose. Why would you be nervous or paranoid?

When you walk or talk, keep a fixed gaze. When someone is in front of you, look them right in their eyes. Connect with them on a deep level. Don’t let your eyes shift around like they’re in a pinball machine.  As I said in point #1, when you decisively change where you look, don’t be in any rush to do so.

3. Keep your eyes and head at neutral or above, never below

When you look down – either with your eyes or your head – it shows sadness, lack of self-esteem, weakness, and other undesirable things. Stand up, walk down the hall, and try it for yourself.

In one instance, walk with your head held high, and in the other, walk with your head dipped downwards. In which one do you feel more confident, happy, and powerful?

To train yourself to do this, there’s a very simple trick: Pretend like there’s a block of wood attached to your neck right under your chin that physically prevents your head from dipping below neutral level.

Use this same idea with your eyes like you had some freaky surgery or whatever floats your boat. Or that there were laser beams shooting out of your eyes and underneath neutral level there is an innocent child who will be blasted with flaming photons if you look down. Neutral or above. Never below.

question for the audience. Alpha or beta?

Even when you text, hold your phone more out in front of you rather than down by your lap.  Instant de-betafication tactic. Or better yet, just stop texting so damn much altogether.


Body language is a monster of its own, but these are three simple tweaks that you can put in play today. What are some simple tips and tricks of your own to tune up your body language?

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