As much as you may be aware of the very powerful and widespread herd mentality among women, it might have even greater influence on women than we have been noticing so far. It seems that just about everything a modern girl does is not because she wants to do it, but because everyone else does. This applies to he most petty, insignificant things and to major behaviors and choices.

See that girl walking down the street? Her yoga pants, yoga mat, iced coffee in her left hand, her iPhone in her right hand, her sunglasses and white headphones—the whole combination is not her choice. Whether it’s lack of independent judgment or any ambition to stand out and be different—none of those accessories were her choice. She just follows the herd.

The next time you see a girl with a tramp stamp on her back or with a big Michael Kors watch, don’t forget that she’s just part of “the mainstream and the mediocre” herd without giving too much thought to what she wants and likes.

Remember how you called up that girl who you were excited about meeting, and she texted you back instead of calling you back? Be assured that she wasn’t born rude and lame. Her friends made her that way by acting equally lame, and she eventually joined the herd.


What about the women’s online dating profiles? Why do so many look so remarkably alike and start with the same cliche “I am as comfortable in my dress as I am in jeans” b.s.? It doesn’t take a genius to write at least somewhat creative and interesting dating profile, if they only tried, instead of shamelessly plagiarizing each other.

Every time you go to a gym, don’t you notice how just about every girl in there is wearing some seriously fortified bitch shields? Contrary to what you might think, the girls who suffer on a treadmill after work or school did not adopt a cunt face look naturally—they just mimicked all the other girls who have mean, unapproachable zombi look on their face.

The vast majority of what a young woman does or has today—from doing nails and shopping at Forever 21, to being glued to her inhaler-smartphone 24/7—is dictated by the herd. And for your information, she is not this perky and bubbly because she is so damn happy all the time. She is this way because all of her friend are. She just follows them very obediently without asking too many questions.

The worst part is that she doesn’t even think there is anything wrong with that kind of extreme and all-encompassing conformity that leaves no space of individuality and authentic expression of self.

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