As somebody who has gotten a few “flags”—mostly from emigres, tourists, and exchange students—I’m not going to tell you that you shouldn’t “think locally and fuck globally” in the immortal words of Gogol Bordello. But what I am going to say is something you can learn by reading the books found in this very website’s store—there really isn’t a “pussy paradise” out there, and further more, going by my own analysis of things: if you can’t get laid in America, you’re probably not going to get any in some random country either.

I’m certainly not going to say that there are no problems with American women—god no! Undoubtedly, there are many problems—the unrealistic expectations and entitlements many of them have in the dating market, the way that American culture goes out of its way to encourage women to make themselves look as ugly as possible, etc.

But as I have previously said, I feel that some of the dissident right’s concerns with this benighted set of womanhood are somewhat exaggerated. Most of the women I have dated were either born in the US or lived here for many years, and I have never once had an American girl in my life that was the stereotypical “the kitchen is a prison!11” feminist hag. Quite the contrary, the majority of women I have had in my life have explicitly told me that they enjoy cooking for and satisfying the man in their life both sexually and otherwise.

In fact, I’ll go a step further—if the woman you’re currently seeing has such a hysterical reaction and adamantly refuses to bake you cookies or whatever, maybe *you’re* the problem.

“But the women in Russia/Brazil/Thailand/wherever are more likely to cook for me! Their culture hasn’t been corrupted by feminism!!” you’re probably saying to yourself. And I’m sure to some extent that’s true, but again, if you’re the sort of person that goes around saying “all women are like ‘that’, all women are like ‘that” with regards to female “hypergamy” and “lusting after Chad” and all the other incomprehensible dorky codewords that keyboard alpha males do then shouldn’t it also follow, logically, that most women are also “like that” when it comes to wanting to submit to a strong yet gentle patriarchy—if you can provide it?

In other words, why are women “purely emotional hamsters” when it comes to lusting after Chad—and I am going to ignore how the angry beta males are probably themselves lusting after Chad—but suddenly they become shrewd and business-like when it comes to not choosing your stupid ass to fall in love with?


Personally, I do indeed think that women and men both have biological imperatives that the overwhelming majority would follow if given the choice, and I will always maintain that if a woman sees you as a strong and masculine “alpha male”, she will want to be “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen” strictly for you, not anybody else, just the man she has eyes for.

A real man doesn’t need to force the woman to be in the kitchen with violence, or put her in a burqa or something like that: through sheer force of strong-yet-benevolent patriarchy, she’ll do it willingly and with a genuine smile on her face.

The point I’m trying to get at here is: if you can’t induce those feelings in American women, or at least convince an “Ameriskank” to give you a casual roll in the hay, then why the hell would you assume you’d be a stud somewhere else?

The girls in the Philippines/Ukraine/Colombia aren’t going to sploosh over your “mumbling boring beta simp” routine just because you’re white/rich/whatever. Sure, you might get a few curiosity bangs but you won’t get the submissive housewife you think you’ll get.

And here’s something I thought of but I rarely, if ever, see addressed by others: considering that your average beta male has spent most of his life in America or Western Europe getting clowned and getting metaphorically or literally kicked in the dick by everybody around him—and yes, I have never been afraid to admit that I am an ex-beta male and thus my childhood and teenage years largely consisted of such—what do you think will happen to said beta male when the men of his sex tourist destination decide to have a few words with him about trying to turn their country into his open air brothel? From what I know of anthropology, it won’t be pretty.

This article was not intended to say “you can only stay in your country and have sex with your countrywomen,” so much as it was to say “get some practice in your homeland before you try sex tourism, to truly get the best out of your sex trip and maybe find that something resembling ‘pussy paradise’.”

Because if you can get American women to “fulfill their womanly duties”, then the comparatively less feminist “muh foreign women” should obviously thus be willing to go to the moon and back to serve you, right? Or in terms that are less, y’know, retarded, practicing in your country will make your sex trip easier and more fulfilling.

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