The perversion of sex roles in the Western world has led us down the route of androgyny. Men are behaving more like traditional women and women are behaving more like traditional men. Women often wonder why they can’t find a good man. Perhaps it’s because they are choosing to be more masculine. It’s not attractive. In what ways are women making themselves more masculine and less attractive?

1. Language

Women talk to men as if they’re just one of the guys. They’ll begin a statement to a man with something like, “Bruh,” “Hey man,” or “Look dude,” etc… The next part of the statement is too often something that only men should be saying to other men. For example, “Look dude, you need to man up,” or “Bruh, you smash?”

Not only should women not be speaking to men like men because it is unbecoming of a lady, they are also just plain bad at it. When men tell each other something like, “Get out of here with that bullshit,” or “Don’t be gay,” it is understood that we are respectfully holding each other accountable. When women do it to men it is understood that they sound bitchy.

2. Doing Stupid Stuff

When men, especially young men, do stupid stuff it is to demonstrate to other guys that they are willing to take risks and endure pain. Masculine men take risks and endure pain. We don’t have any rights of passage to demonstrate these so we do stupid stuff to demonstrate them instead. It’s probably not the best method but it’s what we’ve got.

Why do women do it? What exactly are they demonstrating to people, other than penis envy, when they punch each other in the face?

3. Promiscuity

Among men, being a player wasn’t always celebrated or even tolerated. Before World War I bachelors were largely social outcasts. When men sewed their wild oats they did so with loose women. No man worth anything spent much time with them. Men quickly figured out that although some women are better in bed than others, variety is overrated. It was preferable to have a good woman by your side so you could hold your head high when seen with her in public.

Sometime after the birth control pill became readily accessible (and hailed as a breakthrough in women’s health) promiscuity became increasingly normal for everyone. As more women became promiscuous there were fewer and fewer women worthy of marriage. Now we are at a point where even those men who value good women can’t find any. As one of my best friends learned the hard way, even the “good” women choose promiscuity. What was once the seen as debauchery for men and women alike is now seen as empowering.


4. The Corporate Ladder

These women have empty souls

Why oh why do women choose to climb the corporate ladder? Did they see some wall street movie like Greed or Glengary Glen Ross and decide that lifestyle was for them? Those films were cautionary tales.

Most women would probably say they choose to work to be independent. It is completely understandable that a woman would not want to be dependent upon a genuinely bad man. But instead of finding better ways to discern the bad men from the good, women decided to become more like men. The folly of this is simple; men and women are dependent upon each other in different ways.

Traditionally, women were dependent upon the basics like food, shelter, money, etc… Men were dependent upon women for keeping the home and raising the children well. For some reason women decided that what men did was more important, but before there was such a thing as a blue pill, men thought women’s roles were just as important. Men provided the basics but women shaped the next generation. In our present society that encourages women’s penis envy women provide for themselves when single and for their shopping sprees when married, day care raises the kids if there are any, and a maid keeps the house respectable.

5. Life Trajectory

Traditionally, a man’s life went something like this; as a young adult he’d finish high school and get a job. Then he would either finish college or just stick with his job and get promoted. Either way, by this point he would have boned a few hoes, figured out that promiscuity is overrated, and he’d have a wife or fiancee. He’d spend some more time working on his career and then they’d have a baby. More promotions and babies followed, then retirement and death.

For women with penis envy their lives are similar (though with more promiscuity); they’d finish high school and get a job as a barista. Then they’d finish college and get a corporate human resources job. Promiscuity, experimenting, and “finding themselves” would have started years ago and continued until they are in their late 30’s. Then a test tube baby comes or barring that, a puppy baby. Following that is retirement and death.

That’s not a good life. Why did we ever get away from traditional sex roles? Weren’t we, men and women, much happier when we had them?

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