As I announced last month, I am closing the ROK t-shirt shop by offering massive discounts.

Uncle Roosh T-Shirt on sale for only $25 $12 $6

The high quality 100% cotton Uncle Roosh t-shirt is 76% off at only $6. I’m selling this shirt at below cost because everything must go! Click here for details.

SOLD OUT Return Of Kings T-shirt on sale for $16


Only four flagship t-shirts are left in sizes small and extra-large. This is 35% off the normal price. Click here for details.

Bumper sticker and magnet combo pack for $2

Get the ROK bumper sticker and Roosh-head refrigerator magnet for only $2. This is 71% off the normal price. Click here for details.

This is your last opportunity to get the above products at these prices. I expect to sell out of everything in the next few days.

Click Here To Visit The ROK Store

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