Despite their simplicity, memes have a true power. They are essential tools to spread an opinion and convince a vast audience.

They are effective because they are relatable, easily shared and above all, viral if successful.  A meme is the digital response to paper propaganda.

And memes have done a lot to explain vital principles of game to beginners. Here are a few nuggets:

1. Alpha fucks, beta bucks

2. Red Pill comics

A personnal favourite. Cold, sober and realistic

3. “I am ready”

4. “I like you the way you are”

5.The ever busy rationalising hamster

6. Regret = rape!

Girl sees false rape accusation withdrawn when pictures of her getting her pussy licked while laughing surface.

7. “I am one of the guys”

8. Where is my catcall?

Be careful what you wish for

9. “You are perfect”


10. Double standards

11. Gentlesir mag

12.How to speak Cuntonese: Lesson 1

13. Date up or die tryin’

14. Tinder “Black pill”

That might be the deadliest one.

15. Any takers?

16. “Not all women are like that!”

Definitely would extend it to Western girl

17. Women and damaged men

Referring to Florida school shooter Nicholas Cruz and beta anti-gun activist David Hogg

18. There will always be bin divers

19. “I am tired of these nights”

20. On marriage

If all those could be condensed in a few words it would be: “Do not listen to what women say. Observe what they do”.

Memeologists in the audience might criticise the fact that all those images are not “memes” per se. I would argue that cold, brutal reality makes the best memes.

I had to narrow it down to twenty, but feel more than welcome to add classics that I might have forgotten.

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