I watched President Obama speak on Tuesday night. He spoke about intervention in Syria. A lot of people I have talked  to about it have many different opinions. The most common ones were that he was unpresidential, indecisive, too limited with his intervention, and that he capitulated to the Russians. I did not get that vibe from his speech. It appeared to be more like a child beholden to his parents making a fake apology. It seemed that he said the things he was told to say with no meaning behind it and included things in his speech that are against intervention. It seems a vast majority of his advisers, courtiers, and lobbyists want a massive intervention in Syria and that they actually have the power to influence the President to say and do things he might not want to do.

Secretary of State Kerry seems to be adamant about intervening in Syria. I find this odd due his opposition to the Vietnam War and the things he said in protest to it. Looking through his history, he changes positions with the wind, as long as that wind is profitable. It seems a lot of other people in Washington DC work on this concept.


There have been many polls to show the American people do not support any intervention in Syria. I have emailed my Senator who is actually on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and voted for intervention in Syria and asked for a reason for intervention. I’ve not received an answer. I therefore started to think the shot callers in Washington don’t really care about the will of the people. I’ve also come to the conclusion that there is not much that the people can do to stop this intervention. It seems only the might of Russia has put a hold on it.


There is a world that should be, and a world that is. While it is admirable to have idealism and hope for a world that should be, it is more pragmatic to plan for the world that is. Therefore I decided it is better to plan for a Syrian intervention and find ways to profit from it.


An intervention in Syria would utilize products from many publicly traded companies. Such products include Tomahawk cruise missiles, ammunition, services from military contractors, and gray market media productions. A wise man can find out who makes these products and what their symbol is on the stock exchange. Also the clash of Western and Eastern technologies in such an intervention could jump start innovation in engineering which should be a boon to intelligent men.

While many can espouse the horrors of chemical warfare or the suffering of people in a faraway land, a Syrian intervention is not in the interests of the people of the United States. It only might be in the best interest of a certain political class that overlaps into a corporate class. Because of this there most likely will be an intervention and a wise man should plan for it. Although investment in this intervention carries the risk of peace, I’ll gladly take that profit-loss if there is peace.

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