The politically correct internet hit squad is at it again. You know who I’m talking about: the assorted collection of feminists, white knights, manginas, fat acceptance activists and homosexuals who band together to create a virtual shit storm every time a man opens his mouth and says something remotely offensive. Their modus operandi? Raise a ruckus on social media in an attempt to sully the reputation of their target and get him fired by his employer. Unfortunately, they’ve succeeded yet again, this time in the case of Pax Dickinson, the now-former CTO of Business Insider.

Isn’t it a little amusing how a group of people who claim to be tolerant of everything are so intolerant of traditional masculine behavior, and traditionalism in general?

This type of social justice activism/cultural Marxism has become a sort of religion to these people. In this age of atheism, absent belief in any traditional god, these sort of people are moral itinerants. What is right? What is wrong? Who the fuck knows? They have no idea. But once they stumble upon this cultural Marxist, social justice nonsense, they suddenly believe they’ve discovered what it means to be virtuous. They’ve found religion.

So their new answer to the question, “What is right?” is simply to tolerate everyone and everything, except those who do not agree with this view of complete tolerance. So they run around spouting their nonsense, encouraging and mainstreaming the most bizarre and marginal human behaviors in a perverse quest to prove themselves the most tolerant of all their peers. The worst sin, according to these people, is to be intolerant of or insensitive to another person (unless that person is in any way traditional, then they must be destroyed). This blanket tolerance has led, in combination with the natural attention-whoring of women, who comprise most of their movement, to the emergence of the most outlandish self-descriptive language among these types. “Otherkin”, ‘Pansexual”, “Cisgendered”, and so on and so forth.

What this is, really, is the elevation of the deranged and deformed along with the simultaneous tearing down of the strong and traditional. They are threatened by the sight of a masculine, red pill man like Pax Dickinson who unapologetically speaks his mind without fear of offending anyone. His very presence is like rubbing salt into their open wounds. Every time they see him they are acutely conscious of their own inferiority, so they conspire to end him. It’s like a gang of angry, deformed and diseased street cripples overcoming a confident and successful alpha male. They cannot stand the sight of him simply because the contrast of his excellence with their personal failure creates the most acute existential pain imaginable. Their hatred of him is just a projected hatred of themselves.


Their entire ideology is a failure, because tolerance itself is no virtue. The thing that matters is what is being tolerated, not the act of tolerance itself. Would you tolerate a man breaking into your house and raping your wife? Would you tolerate a man who gave your daughter drugs and encouraged her to become a prostitute? Would you tolerate a group of people who laze around the town square naked, covered in their own piss and shit and who harass anyone who comes near them?

Of course not. These people don’t understand that by tolerating every type of degenerate behavior, they are destroying the culture. Imagine what would happen if your immune system suddenly became tolerant of everything. Within days or weeks your body would become host to dozens of infections and viruses, and you would quickly die. That’s exactly what these people are doing to our culture: they’ve essentially turned off our cultural immune system, which naturally acts to kill off what is undesirable, and instead now allow it to tolerate everything. And so the body of the West has become filled with disease.

A backlash against these people is starting to build. This type of insanity will not long endure. It simply can’t. It is evidence that our society is terminally sick and dying. Within a few decades will come a rebirth of more traditional values, and these cultural Marxist social justice warriors will become nothing more than a relic of an ignominious era in our history. They will be looked back at with a mix of horror, pity and laughter. Our descendents will be unable to comprehend how such an absurd ideology was able to take root in society. It will be as incomprehensible and perverse to them as the idea of suddenly chopping off their own body parts (which is fittingly a practice esteemed by the social justice warriors under the guise of “transgenderism”).

These fools think they have found the one true god, but in reality they are simply a cult of death and decay. They are the patron saints of the sick and the twisted, the degenerate and the deformed. They are the enemies of excellence. They fancy themselves as warriors for social justice, but are actually the destroyers of traditional culture. It’s too late to save the West as we currently know it; but like a Phoenix, a new Western culture will rise from the ashes, a culture with traditional values and a healthy immune system to protect itself against degenerate cultural scum. And it won’t soon tolerate these worshippers of tolerance.

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