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A lot of guys under thirty-five or so look at the girls on international dating sites and say, “Dear God! These girls are hot, but they are just gold diggers looking for some rich old guy.”  That type of thinking causes men under forty to miss out incredible opportunities to date some of the hottest women in the world.

So, let’s get two basic things straight

First, besides the legal necessity of needing to be over eighteen years old there is not an absolute rule about how young is too young for international dating.

Second, the concept that mail order brides are gold diggers is one of the most persistent misconceptions about international dating.

Mail order brides are no more likely to be scammers than women anywhere.  The women on international dating site are ordinary women who have the same hopes as ordinary women everywhere – finding a great man.

Heaven For Geeks!

geek guy in front of his laptop

Even this geek would could married in the Philippines.

No matter how attractive you are to the opposite sex, you are sexier overseas, but not every guy needs to try international dating.  If you are in your twenties or early thirties and reasonably successful with the opposite sex, there really is probably not a reason to consider a foreign bride.

International dating takes time and effort. Mail order brides really expect that you are interested in meeting them. Many of them have friends who married an older foreign guy because he was kinder and more passionate than local men.  So, don’t bother if you are not passionate about meeting extremely hot women.

The reason that serious Western men have such a great reputation is that they tend to be earnest, shy men looking for true love, and, yes, they do tend to have the financial resources to take care of the woman and any children in a more secure manner than a local guy.  So, money matters but not like most guys think.

Younger guys who do well in international dating are usually geeks with good jobs.  They often work in tech – sometimes at Google, Facebook, and some of the other companies that will ironically not allow mail order bride agencies to advertise.

Sometimes they work as accountants or analysts where they spend their days in the background.  Sometimes they work in family business where they are overshadowed by their parents or siblings.

Young farmers are another group that international dating works well for because there are not many single women in vast areas of the United States, Canada, and Australia.

In recent years, a lot of young guys are veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan, or wherever else the U.S. military has decided to send them.  Often, mail order brides like veterans because they know that this is man who can protect them from physical harm if it comes to that.

International dating is an incredible opportunity for shy, sincere young guys who have the financial wherewithal to support a woman.  Amazingly, it is just that simple, but there are a few pitfalls for young men.

Dating Tips Younger Guys

Young men have a lot of advantages with mail order brides.

The core challenge for young men is that most mail order brides have had bad experiences with men their own age and signed up with an international dating agency because they decided they want the perceived benefits of dating an older man: stability, loyalty, honesty, and a sort of gentle seriousness.


So, the first thing a younger guy needs to do is to communicate that he is not a player, because a lot of women assume you are JUST a player.

John Adams, the CEO of A Foreign Affair, has organized over 500 tours to Europe, Asia, and Latin America said that perhaps ten percent of the men are under thirty-five and that they do great.

He explained that the, “ So when there is a younger guy on the tour that carry’s himself well… they get a lot of attention from the women, even to the point of overwhelming attention, and they do fine.”

But there are challenges for younger men.  John explained that, “Most of the women in the places we go view men their own age and not mature enough, loyal enough, or stable enough to really be serious.  This comes from their frame of reference and the men they know and deal with.”

So, here is a checklist for younger men to help them address those challenges…

1. Are you really serious about a long term committed relationship?

It is not hard to meet girls who are looking to have a good time in Kiev, Bangkok, or Bogota, but the majority of women on international dating sites are serious – very serious about finding a husband.

If that’s not your goal, let all of the women you meet know what you are looking for quickly. It will save you a lot of drama.

2. Are you financially stable?

Foreign women are particularly concerned about this and all of the international dating spots – Ukraine, Thailand, Colombia and so – attract a lot of wealthy men.

You do not have to be wealthy, but it is not fair to drag someone else into a life of poverty.  So, be honest with yourself and the women you meet.

3. Are you ready for the cultural challenges?

Again, this is an issue for every man in interesting in foreign women, but younger guys may not be quite as patient about some of these issues. The best approach is that when you argue with a woman assume that their might be a cultural issue you do not understand or perhaps miscommunication.

4. How patient are you?

This is huge.  A lot of young guys are in a hurry, but the one overwhelming character trait that a man needs to succeed in any relationship is a bit of patience.  This is doubly true when dating a beautiful foreign woman who speaks a language you do not understand.

Western men often have a great reputation for being extraordinarily patient, so if you are easily angered or seem unstable it will often really set off alarm bells for the women. 

5. Will you be able to deal with her family?

This is another issue where older men have a built in advantage.  In most of these countries her family will have a built-in set of assumptions about the foreign man.  You need to recognize it and rise to the occasion.

Particularly in Asia, this might lead to a point-blank discussion about how much money you can spare to support her family, because the tradition of paying a dowry is still strong in some areas. But most of the time you need to be able to show some confidence and leadership.  They want to know you are a real man.

A little swagger and a nice gift will usually get the point across. Don’t go too far and talk down to her family.  It is not an easy balancing act to be macho, outgoing, and respectful.

You would probably need to put on a similar show in any Western country, but you would understand the language and the cultural context better.


If you are a shy, young guy with decent income international dating is an amazing opportunity.  If you still don’t believe that, click here to visit International Love Scout and discover the truth about international dating. It might just change your life!

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