Selling is undoubtedly the most important skill for a person to develop within their lifetime. The ability to sell will inflate your bank account and ensure you live a prosperous life. Beyond that, a good salesman becomes a master at the art of persuasion and understands basic principles of psychology to ensure he gets his way in life.

In every interaction you have with others, sales are being made in the form of presented ideas, requests, and beliefs. If you aren’t the stronger salesman, you will be constantly persuaded and influenced by other people’s opinions and ideas. However, with sales and persuasion skills, you can influence others to agree with your opinion, see value in your character, or just buy your product.

A good salesman will also need to sell himself on his ideas, beliefs, and personal value. When he is sold on himself, the persuasion of others will fall on deaf ears and he can move through life with an unerring confidence known only to few.

Let’s dive in-detail to a few reasons why we need to master our ability to sell. Hopefully I can sell you on the idea…

1. Commission – The Reward You Get For Making A Sale

“Everything in life is a sale and everything you want is a commission.”—Grant Cardone

Commission isn’t just something the guy at Best Buy gets when he sells you a flat-screen TV. Commission is the reward you get for effectively selling yourself or someone else on something and then continuing to sell it until completion.

Sell yourself on eating healthy and you get the paid the commission of higher energy, better libido, improved complexion and so on. Sell yourself on exercise and you get paid the commission of a good physique, improved confidence, and lady magnetization.

When I reached out to Roosh to guest post on Return Of Kings, I had to sell him an idea—this post and your attention is my commission. However, if you can’t identify a commission, you will never pay the price to get it.

2. Persuasion – Getting Your Way

In every exchange, positive or negative, one person is more persuasive than the other person. Whoever is most persuasive will get his way.

A parent trying to persuade their kid to eat their vegetables is going to have to sell them on the benefits of vegetables. Of course, the child is going to return with its own persuasion techniques and whoever is more persuasive wins.

If you and your girlfriend had different ideas about what would be the perfect way to spend next Friday night, whoever is more persuasive will see their plans come to pass. By simply understanding that in every encounter someone is persuading, you already have a leg up.

Of course, the power of persuasion can be abused. So, to use persuasion ethically, simply believe in what you are selling. You believe in the value of vegetables and you know that your plans would be more fun than your girlfriends. If you are truly sold on your position and ethical, getting your way would actually be beneficial to the others and giving up is unethical.

For example, I sell an eBook helping men overcome depression. I believe the information within is unparalleled. Therefore, I can ethically be pushy in my sales because I know that my ideal customer will actually suffer if I don’t make my sale. It is unethical to let them walk away.


3. Personal Confidence

Personal confidence only comes as a result of being sold on your character and value. Failure to present your value to yourself cannot possibly yield the commission of confidence.

Selling yourself on your value is undoubtedly the most important sale you will ever make. It is from here that all other sales originate. A timid little boy cannot outsell a confident man.

Unfortunately, true confidence can’t be faked. You can bullshit others about a product. You might even be able to make others think you are confident. But you can’t bullshit yourself about your confidence. Confidence only manifests commissions when it is real and genuine.

If you can’t truly make the sale of confidence, here are a two tips to help persuade yourself:

Improve Your Value

If you aren’t confident, it is likely because you lack value in a particular area. Just like a product is sold off of its value, so is your confidence. Start improving whatever area of your life lacks value.

If you aren’t physically fit, your value to the opposite sex is lacking. Improving your physique will improve your value and, consequently, your confidence.

If you aren’t overly intelligent, pick up some books and unlock the potential of your brain. As your wisdom grows, your value to the marketplace will grow and, consequently, so will your confidence.

Use Affirmations Ceaselessly

Another extremely effective method to convince yourself of your value is through the usage of affirmations. If you have even a moment of mental leisure throughout your day, begin speaking positive words to yourself… sell yourself to yourself. This might look as so:

  • I am charismatic and extroverted
  • I am calm and confident
  • I am a master of sales. I can sell anything to anyone

Through regular repetition of positive affirmations, your subconscious mind will make small psychological shifts and start thinking these thoughts naturally over time. As these thoughts become natural and frequent, so will their corresponding actions and rewards.

4. Become Your Own Boss

“We learn to read by the time we’re seven. We learn to make a living by the time we’re 30. Often by that time we’re not only making a living, we’re supporting a family. And yet by the time we’re 65, we haven’t learned how to become financially independent in the richest land that has ever been known.” – Earl Nightingale

Finally, we arrive to the part of selling that most people associate sales with—the big bucks. There is no ceiling for a good salesman who is sold on his product. Since a salesman is paid by commission, his income is only capped by the amount of product he can sell.

And, of course, the amount of product he can sell and commission he will receive is only capped by his persuasion skills and confidence.

In Conclusion

To the professional salesman, the world is a playground. With the ability to sell and persuade both others and himself, the professional salesman lives the life he wants.

Whether you want to get the girl, improve your health, travel the world, make your own schedule, or even overcome your low self-esteem, it is imperative you learn how to sell.

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