Newton’s first law of of motion states that an object in motion will stay in motion, unless acted on by an outside force.

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During childhood our imagination is at its peak, with time earned experience we gain passion and creativity. Angst and peer-approval defines our teens, while in our twenties disillusionment and apathy is becoming the norm. Underlying all of this is the same imagination, passion and creativity from our youth; it is just expressed in different ways. Teenagers stoke the fire with their self-perceived invincibility. Those in their twenties and onwards can fan the embers by defining their own life purpose or they can let the flames suffocate by following the expected life path.

We are all responsible for the rate at which we move through life. Smartphones, Facebook, Instagram, internet memes, forums — whatever your poison — all are outside forces that act on the forward motion our passions, imagination, and creativity create. We believe having pocket-sized technology that allows us access to the entire wealth of knowledge created by humanity is a benefit, when in reality it is a detriment. Technology overuse, instant gratification addiction, and the need to always have a smartphone as a safety blanket for uncomfortable situations are the biggest detriment to one’s progress.

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Men find sites like these and realize they are wrong about everything they have ever known. They ravenously devour any information they can and once that initial enlightenment is through they seek a second enlightenment. They understand they are not necessarily getting better, but becoming less wrong so they search out more and more information. They want to know every tested method for every conceivable situation and as a result suffer from paralysis by analysis and never actually get anywhere.

How did man discover fire? How did he build the pyramids? How did he learn the pleasures of food, drink, and sex?

He either experimented out of necessity or curiosity, learned from someone more knowledgeable than him, or he instinctively knew.

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Technology can only assist us in achieving what we want. We can use the internet as a tool to learn how to make love to beautiful women, learn a language, or any other practiced skill. However, people do not use it this way. They use technology and books as outward proof that they are working towards a certain ideal while not actually accomplishing anything towards that ideal. Take away access to placating technology and we are left stunted in our self-sufficiency.

All a man needs to improve is a push in the right direction and the avoidance of friction. He needs inspiration to experiment and an introductory manual. He does not need social media, how to articles, youtube videos, smartphone games, or even electricity.

Smash your smartphone, turn off your laptop, and blow your circuit breaker. Eventually you will learn to take pleasure in life as it happens.

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