For decades, every time he spoke in public, Roman statesman Cato the Elder would say at least once Carthago delenda est. Carthage must be destroyed!

What had started as a tepid strife between two antique powers, unable to share the Mediterranean Sea without constant bickering, had become a full-fledged war. Over tough years, Romans realized they would never have peace save for the total destruction of Carthage. It was long and difficult, but it was done—and the child-sacrificing, Baal-worshipping Carthaginians virtually disappeared from history.

Sometimes I wonder if leftism is not the Carthage of our times. Leftism feeds on sacrifice: it always needs to cast someone into the dreaded role of the “oppressor” or adversary of “progress” to exist. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as orthodox Marxism, it turned the plant workers against everyone else and created the gulags. When that clearly failed, leftism was re-created as the minorities’ position.

Liberal humanism

As a Frenchman, I got both. I saw the mandatory worship of “social achievements”, mediocrity and the hatred of the bosses erected as social identity, the parasitical State-enforced privileges trumpeted as something everyone should be proud of, demonstrations with ill-painted banners and perpetual complaining dutifully attended.

But, as this kind of Marxism was declining and as my parents would favour trendier stuff, I also had a taste of neo-Marxist sneering and “culture.” At the time, I already felt more attraction towards classical culture, yet still considered the usual universe around me as rather normal.

Then I saw it. I saw how obnoxious and predatory Arabs and Africans were and how we could never speak of that. I saw untold crime on one side, and cowardice on the other. I got berated by the (female, of course) teacher in class in 2005, when dozens of thousands of Arabs and Blacks were burning cars, beating and sometimes killing people, for having said that perhaps there was a bit of anti-whiteness in what they did. I saw the creator of a fun, GTA-like online pimping game, getting doxxed by the MSM, personally threatened by SJWs, and losing his job—while leftists would act as if the feminist assault on him was obviously normal.

I met with many authoritarian female figures, some outwardly cheesy or soft, some patently stern or venomous, but all prone to arbitrariness and blackmailing. I saw cowardly male figures, and many young men growing with the secret fear of being headed to nowhere.

I saw the absolute obligation to worship or at least keep one’s head down to feminism, “antiracism”, an obsession with attacking “prejudice” while incessantly promoting the Holocaust and muh poor starving African, oppressed Afghan woman or anything else. I saw both of chaos, a mess, a milieu with no obviously good references but a lot of implicit obligations and prohibitions. In a word, anarcho-tyranny.

I saw a definition of “progress” where it meant promoting anyone but me or someone alike. A big bundle of loosely related stuff with no bridge towards us but a spiked fence. An apparently bright history of justice, fairness, success, empowerment or anything you wish with no place for us. “You’re a white male, so you don’t need that people care about you”, said once a (white) girl to whom I tried to explain what type of life so many millennial men were living.

“We liberals have more empathy”

All of this could be identified as leftism. There’s a problem, though: the notion of leftism is too wide and imprecise. Some tried to understand it as, say, opposition to spirituality, collectivism, envy, emotionalism, pathological altruism, hypersociability, or unrestrained female hypergamy, but though all these are true to some extent, none of these do cover it all. Some leftists are autistic, some are antisocial, and some scrambled to recast their caprices into parts of a divine plan.

Leftism is too multifaceted a phenomena to “find it.” It works more like a poisonous gas that never shows its true colours, you never perceive it as clearly as you would like to, but its presence is all too clear and deadening.

The problem with leftism lies in both how much it changes and how enduring it is. It is exactly as if planetarian cultists kept using it as a proxy to pull far-fetched strings, with seemingly unrelated or contradictory effects that unexplainably push us to a road where no sane mind would like to go. If you try to pinpoint leftism as “really this” or “really that”, you will tend to fall into a particular right narrative to the exclusion of others.

For example, if you’re a libertarian, you may see leftism as synonymous with collectivism, but then it will be difficult to explain the special snowflake phenomenon. Why do we have both an enormous need to follow fashions while also pretending, and genuinely trying, to be as snowflakeish as possible? Likewise, if you’re an Evangelic, you may be tempted to equate leftism with Satan, but can you then say that charities are satanic?


“We fact-check others, truth is on our side, and Trump is crazy”

Leftism has also successfully developed or picked up, at least in the past, various tools that we may put to good use. Their taking over of culture does not mean that refinement is bad per se; managerialism, so adverse to libertarians, can be used to develop and not only enslave a population; and the left’s abuse of “progress” does not mean we should reject our own accomplishments in Heideggerian fashion.

Here on ROK, I published several pieces on liberal falsehoods, psychological conditioning and unfair leftist double standards but some inner voice keeps telling me I didn’t find the heart of the monster.

For now, it may be said that leftism is a mix of neo-Marxism, where people can only have an identity as “oppressed” and where no other identity is really worthy or relevant, and of whitemaleophobia or Westernophobia. The one-world dream is dead. (Good riddance!) In its place, a weird conglomerate of semigendered Hillarykin trans-Black disabled LGBTBBQ supported by retarded boomers.

Whatever, or whoever the bottom, we know the extent of damage it did to our civilization. And we know how much it still controls pretty much everything official.

Leftism skewed the sciences. The heredity debate keeps coming back because human differences and heredity are true. Racial identities can be “deconstructed” intellectually through a tainting, accusatory narrative but they keep existing in the real world.

Leftism skewed the races: races do not exist, we hear, yet those behind the black-on-blondes porn really want to get them genetically erased, not just socially. If races do not exist, why do the globalists need to destroy them?

Leftism skewed the relationship with the hierarchy. Social classes have always existed. Even in a perfectly meritocratic society, which by the way would be unfair to inheritance, differences in natural abilities, talents, inclinations and so on would create hierarchies. Instead of accepting it as part of life, leftism problematized this normal feature of social life to promote seditious class identities and internal warfare.

Leftism skewed history. When communists eliminated the kulaks and trumpeted how they would conquer the whole world—it must happen! It’s progress. Marx said it would be unavoidable! Liberals stigmatized the legitimate reaction as “red scare.” Liberals lied by saying that for decades, no one in the West knew about the gulags, whereas these were mentioned in the 1920s.

They created atrocious double standards excusing any non-white murdering a white person, or any left-chosen thug murdering anyone else, or any totalitarian leftist slaughtering wholesale “social classes”, whereas an evil Nazi defending himself would be, well, an evil Nazi.

Evil Nazis

Leftists skewed personal relationships. They destroyed equality before the law by decreeing that some would not be held responsible for their actions and behaviors, whereas others would be much more blamed for said behaviors. They turned men into hapless, cowardly, emasculated beings, whereas women turned ugly, slutty, narcissistic and domineering.

Leftists skewed our notions of personal identity and life. In liberal make-believe utopia, everyone can do everything, but then no one is really satisfied.

Leftists turned a once prosperous, homogeneous civilization into a war zone. They turned art into a ridiculous scam. They pretended to have ideals about the world, but none of these ideals is desirable once you get out of the blue pill conditioning, and most of them can only be implemented by destroying what is.

Leftism is reckless. Whatever its current shape, it never stops. Leftists are never happy and cannot be. A leftist only exists by pinpointing, denouncing, complaining, stigmatizing. Highbrow academic problematizing is just a sophisticated way to do it. Most importantly, every wave of leftism pushes more, so it is silly to accept concessions and having everything fundamental—our identity, relationship with women, social standing, idea of ourselves, idea of history and everything else—altered by the whims of these bullies.

There is no good feminism: transgender madness only exists because our forefathers accepted all the less shitty steps that came before. If the gender pay gap lie had been rejected at its inception, the left couldn’t have used it as a bludgeon for the years to come.

In a distant future, the left may still exist in name. Leftism may still exist somewhere in the fringes. But as part of the System, of the “Cathedral”, as an imperialist point of view that pretends to be the only truth and set of references, it must be thoroughly destroyed.

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