The newest tech trend in Silicon Valley is automated cars. All the big sharks from Silicon Valley are competing between each other in a race where the winner will pioneer this technology.

When the average Joe hears about vehicles piloted by an AI, all he can think of is how great this is going to be. After all, having an AI piloting for you means, that you will be able to use your time time on the road wisely while stuck in a traffic jam, for example. Activities such as reading a book, playing a game on your smartphone, relaxing or just watching the view of the city will all be possible, thanks to the AI, who will be taking care of reaching your intended destination without crashing or losing the route.

All of this sounds really great, doesn’t it? However, the masses adopting every technological revolution is plain wrong. Every technological advancement should be taken with a grain of salt. They don’t always translate as an improvement to our conditions of living. Nonetheless, let’s look deeper at this issue.

Your car is now a RC car waiting to be controlled by the government, corporations and hackers

Remember, when you were a child and experienced the joy of playing with your RC car until an old brother of yours took the remote control from your hands? Well the same will occur with your automated automobile, but this time it will be Big Brother in the literal meaning of the word!

If you are born in a corrupt country with a facade democracy and ruled by an iron first, you realize how bad this idea sounds. Imagine this technology at the hands of corrupt politicians and crooked entrepreneurs, they will use it to achieve personal gains such as trying to silence anyone that opposes them or forcing the car’s AI to bring political activists to the police or getting the location of a suspect through the vehicle’s GPS system.

If this technology ever becomes a trend in least developed countries such as Brazil, India, China and Russia, I’m sure it’s most likely to be used to enforce the elites’s wicked goals rather than to give more comfort to the local population.

An AI is still a software program, which means glitches that can threaten lives

Not so long ago, Uber was testing a autonomous vehicle in Arizona that failed to slow down and stop when a woman was crossing the highway. As a consequence the car ran over her and ended her life.

This is further proof that no matter how much bug fixes they do, an AI is still a computer program written in a programming language. Which means bugs will always exist. Even after the engineers fix most bugs and thus the software gets closer to perfection, every now and then a glitch will cause an accident or cost an innocent life.


The real reason behind why they still want to keep pushing self-driving cars

Robots will be taking most basic jobs in a not so far future

Even after the death of a pedestrian Uber, Tesla, Google and other tech giants stated that they are still committed in their quest for pushing automated vehicles, until there won’t be human drivers any more. No one will ever need to worry about knowing how to drive cars. After all, it’s all about giving the masses more comfort, right?

You might have heard of Uber CEO, Khosrowshahi, make these statements: “Ultimately, self-driving cars will be safer than humans, but right now self-driving cars are learning,” and “They’re student drivers. You need a safety driver with a student driver. When that student driver graduates, it will be safer than humans.”.

Unless you are a captain of industry or a software programmer chances are that they will be taking your jobs.

The real reason behind all those corporations investing in self-driving automobiles isn’t  because they care about your well-being nor your family’s and want to give you more comfort in the future. The reality is that it’s all a plan for them to cut more jobs, increase their profits, and make people more dependent on the elites, since no one might be able to drive vehicles on their own in a not so far future.

After all, a robot won’t ask their boss for a raise, get sick, or file a lawsuit against their employer. They don’t care if self-driving automobiles are more likely to cause crashes than human-driven vehicles nor that this technology might be used by corrupt governments and crooked entrepreneurs to spy on you or quietly kill anyone. After all later on they can claim it was a glitch in the AI to get away with it.

What all these tech corporations care about is to push their agenda, increase their power over the masses, cut costs, and increase their profits. In a not so far future, multinational corporations will probably bribe politicians to accelerate their agenda of standardizing self-driving cars and make human-driven automobiles obsolete, until it’s possible to completely cease the production of human-driven cars.

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