The inimitable Joan Blondell said it best in an episode of Starsky & Hutch: “There are no REAL men left in the world, just sissy boys.”  Indeed, many of these “sissy boys” have made their way into my life, providing a thousand proofs of the absurdity of modern American culture.  A few decades later, her sentiments were echoed by a female citizen journalist, albeit with slightly different language: “Men have lost their testicular fortitude.” Her soft voice ran over the clumsy phrase “testicular fortitude” like a vehicle driving through a dangerous stretch of city.

Even men who LOOK like men — with muscles protruding from their skin-tight t-shirts — seem only to have achieved a caricature of masculinity.  Many of them obsessively inhabit two of the only remaining arenas where men are still allowed to be men: sports and gyms.

They are often are so utterly de-individulaized that they seem wholly incapable of channeling the other long-lost aspects of masculinity: good manners, a robust interest in the world, a beaming heroism, respect for tradition but an openness to new ideas, a dignified sexual prowess that does not hang itself on cheap crudities, a jolly good humor, and a willingness to take charge and assert the natural aggression and dominance of the “classic male.”  When men fail to give these things to the world, all of society tends to become the chaotic mess that it is now.

I came of age with pains so large that I never quite saw myself as a MAN.  At times when I heard myself speak, the voice that spoke seemed to belong to someone else — it was a voice I did not recognize.  An explosion of homosexuality and bi-sexuality, and also sexual ambiguity, only confused matters more, as both straight and gay men seemed to exist in the same void of emasculation disguised by flashy clothes and lifestyles and highfalutin political agendas. 

Everywhere I went, straight men were being replaced by effeminate gay men or bossy, bitchy, authoritarian, and completely unlikable women.  The educational and entertainment fields are only two examples of this unfortunate trend; straight men seemed to have been largely edged out, and if they did exist at all… they were usually geeks or eunuchs who did nothing to ensure that masculinity remained a strong or relevant force in professional operations.


I couldn’t change all that.  But what I could change was myself.  I started watching more male-oriented TV shows, such as The Lone Ranger, Starsky & Hutch, The Virginian, The Rifleman, and so on, absorbing the strong and triumphant masculinity that these shows displayed.  I overturned all traces of political correctness (which houses a profound anti-male agenda), engaging at times in such ribald, uncensored language that it shocked even my closest cronies.

For instance, when a shrill, obnoxious feminist complained vociferously that women were “underrepresented as world leaders,” I said saucily: “Maybe that’s because you screw up all the countries, businesses, and avenues of society that you do rule.  In the sixty or seventy years since women have taken on men’s roles in massive numbers, society has become a disgusting cesspool of nastiness, hatred, confusion, and manufactured rage.  If this is what happens when women are ‘liberated,’ then perhaps they should go back to baking brownies… starting with you!  Although I’m sure your brownies would be just as stale as you are.”

She didn’t have a neat, readily-available response to that because no one ever talks back to those women.  No one dares.  They have been given unchallenged control of almost all avenues of society.  That is why they have done such damage to the world.

We, as men, have been brainwashed into thinking that we always have to be nice, that we have to  like and accept everyone and everything (even the vilest forms of degeneracy), and that we must “respect” women even as they are DIS-respecting us.  We even faithfully watch the TV shows that bash us, such as: Law and Order SVU, which cleverly uses the delicate matter of rape to insert a savage male-hating agenda, as if the male sexual impulse is synonymous with the instinct to rape and kill… and all men are potential or closeted rapists who must be punished with exposure, public humiliation, and incarceration.

Even though I am still an oddball, at times a goofball, and hardly the dictionary-definition of a “classic male,” I ultimately became the man that was once hidden beneath a meek exterior.

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