BPA (Bisphenol A) is a cancer-causing chemical in plastics commonly found in water bottles, containers, and in receipts. The University of Exeter tested the urine of 94 teenagers and 86% had the BPA in their bodies. This chemical has been linked to prostate and breast cancer as it mimics the female hormone estrogen. It has also been found to lower the sperm count in men.

Professor Lorna Harries said that in a perfect world, consumers would be able to choose their exposure limits, but with the chemical being used in virtually all plastic products, that option is not feasible at the present time-

Most people are exposed to BPA on a daily basis. In this study, our student researchers have discovered that at the present time, given current labeling laws, it is difficult to avoid exposure by altering our diet. In an ideal world, we would have a choice over what we put into our bodies. At the present time, since it is difficult to identify which foods and packaging contain BPA, it is not possible to make that choice.

The European Chemicals Agency have already declared BPA as hazardous for human health, yet the substance is found almost everywhere. BPA has also been found to lead to type-2 diabetes and heart related diseases.

Although one could try to avoid them, Professor Tamara Galloway, lead author of the research, has a different view:

We found that a diet designed to reduce exposure to BPA, including avoiding fruit and vegetables packaged in plastic containers, tinned food, and meals designed to be reheated in a microwave in packaging containing BPA, had little impact on BPA levels in the body.

The Effects

The Dutch and French have been publishing studies reporting the massive decline of male sperm levels since the end of World War 2, but their warnings have been ignored. Children and pregnant women are most susceptible, because they have growth hormones that the BPA chemical can mix in and pass through the gut directly enter the growing fetus. Kids can suffer impaired development due to this. In China, such toxins have been found to speed up puberty which has dangerous effects on the mind and body. Although not a crisis now, male baby birth rates have declined over the years.


Drive and ambition is also plummeting and the sex frequency of young milennials is a joke compared to their predecessors, again another side effect of lower testosterone and estrogen dominance. Even the fish that are being exposed to the onslaught of pesticides and chemicals are having sex alterations.

The War on Testosterone

The reason the globalists want this hormone wiped out from the human population is because healthy t-levels enables a man to harness his mind for protection and to fight against injustice. Hollywood immaturely portrays the testosterone laden young man as a rowdy bully who just wants to fight like a wild animal, but the real reason is because they don’t want anyone to stand up to the establishment. They want a nation of compliant complacent soy boys.

A Synthetic War

EDC’s and other synthetics can change a young healthy growing male into a female by altering the natural production of testosterone. Dioxin and PCB’s are also testosterone hormones. Male genitalia development can be disrupted by these chemicals. The number of those declaring themselves as gay, LGBT, or transgender have skyrocketed over the years.

The feminization of man continues to plague society as more and more of these dangerous chemicals are coming into contact with children which is leading them astray to question their sexuality and submit to government indoctrination. Residues are being left in commonly used plastics kids frequently touch and very little if any is being done to counteract these testosterone killing substances from our environment.

Soy in general should be avoided even if it’s “organic”, because too much estrogen is too much estrogen. Once in a while is okay assuming it is GMO free, but this and items which can contain BPAs should be avoided if possible. However, as previously described, it is impractical to do so, especially in America. So do the best you can, but the better thing would be to naturally increase your T-levels to resistant the detrimental effects of a soy infused society.

You could say that millennials are the ‘gayest generation’, as this wimpy spineless population is on the rise with the prevalence of more soy based “men” who cater to female authority and the politically correct hierarchy. No one thinks anymore, nobody dares challenge the authority, and such complacency is dangerous for personal freedom. Everybody seems to accept anything served in a happy meal, and being a man who seeks strength, power, and fulfillment, is shunned for being “toxic” and in immediate need of psychiatric therapy to end their macho ways of assertion as it will only lead to suffering according to engineered science.

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