The movie sounds interesting, but oneitis is used to describe attachment with living women. Using that term for a dead wife comes across as heartless/callous.

I went to the movie The Bachelors a few days ago. This is a nice drama, released last year, about a widow father and his son. The father transfers his teaching job to a new private school which his son also attends after he fails to stop mourning for his late wife. Both father and son find love, and healing.

So far this sounds like another chick flick. I took a girl I was dating to this, and I have to say I was surprised. The acting is good, and the plot is (almost) believable. What I found more interesting is the amount of red-pill lessons incorporated in the movie.

Lesson 1: You need to move on from a completed relationship

JK Simmons is the grieving father Bill Palet. He shows what happens if you can’t move on after your wife dies. His late wife, who got cancer and died within two months of diagnosis, dominates almost every aspect of his life. Romantic as that sounds, we are seeing serious oneitis, which as his kid shouts at him near the end, makes him want to “not live anymore.”

Note the fragility of Simmon’s character. That is what Onities will do to you

We at the manosphere stress the danger of oneitis. This film shows that romantic as it is, pining for an unreachable woman (dead in this case), might actually kill you and harm your family. I’m not saying that we should avoid love or not grieve if it is over, but as Harold Perrineau, who does a good job of playing his psychiatrist, points out, you need to move on.

Lesson 2: Alpha gets sex, beta gets friend zone

The lovely Odeia Rush (Israeli pride, on my part) portrays the “complicated yet hot” classmate, which the son is after. The girl character cuts herself, is in a home which her mom and dad constantly fight, and fucks another classmate (the one who treats her like a sexual object and has no “feelings”for her).

Of course she has issues, but that doesn’t stop her from hanging out with the beta, avoiding kissing him on pretenses that “she likes him to much,” and continuing to binge drink and fuck the alpha.


I love you so much that I don’t want to fuck you. I’ll do that with the alpha guy. You’ll get only a kiss in the end

My date failed to realize that this behavior is more common than is portrayed in the movie.

Lesson 3: Females will push you, because they “love” you

At a dinner party, the French teacher who pines for JK Simmons character, gives him a hard time. Shit testing means that she has feelings for you.

Delpy does not play the “strong independent women”, but an actual women looking for love

My date was very enthusiastic about this. She claimed that it is one of the way women show love. I prefer a more direct approach. A woman standing her ground, while still being with you means she has feelings for you. She would probably want you to stand your ground as a test of your strength and then move to woo her.

The funny thing is that this character later undresses at Simmons’s house and has sex with him. For me that was sci-fi, as there was NO escalation, and no mention of sex. But mainstream movies can’t be all red pill, can they?

Lesson 4: Do your own thing, and the women will come

Simmon’s character is able to attract the teacher because he is actually not into her. He has his own concerns. This makes him an accidental alpha, with beta on the side. We can totally relate as to why he became (unwillingly) attractive. The problem was that he was consumed in his oneitis almost until the very end. For me it was funny how you can have oneitis and still get a new girl

Wiggins’s character starts by being an almost omega male. Virtually no friends, the bottom of the social hierarchy and zero willingness to engage in self improvement. By working on his athletic abilities he is able to (spoiler alert) win a race, which translates to winning the girl and making his father proud. By improving yourself, one gains self esteem and gets to move up the hierarchy.

This a good movie to take girls to since it maintains a red pill perspective. If it is still showing, or your prospect wants to catch a movie at home, it is a good choice.

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