The documentary above highlights the demographic doom that awaits the human race. The main problem is that replacement fertility is decreasing. The population is becoming elderly with less working people to support them, meaning that those who do work must be burdened to support the elderly via oppressive taxes.

Countries in Western Europe have taken a short-sighted and selfish approach to solving this problem in the form of pro-immigration policies. They conveniently ignore the fact that immigration decimates the countries where immigrants come from, increasing brain drain, reducing human capital, and ultimately guaranteeing that poor countries will remain poor. Those who favor immigration actually favor abject poverty and suffering. In addition, since most immigrants are men, you have an increasing amount of broken families in poor countries, tearing apart the fabric of those societies, all because well-off European women refuse to procreate.

Here are some additional quotes from the video:

“60% of population growth in USA came from immigrants and their children.”

“Once we traveled the road of gender equality and birth control, everything changed.”

“As a society, we don’t want to talk about fertility decline to not offend people.”

“If there is no economic incentive to have children, then people won’t have children.”


In terms of how the demographic winter affects you most urgently, you’ll experience a decreasing selection of young women but increasing numbers of older men who want them, intensifying competition in a game where there will be a greater percentage of male losers than in the past. In a world where egalitarianism is often promoted as an important human right, a small percentage of men will monopolize vaginal access to a great proportion of women, not unlike ancient times when kings and nobles possessed large harems.

Sociologists think the sexual revolution of the 1970s was the biggest factor of decreasing fertility rates. I must remind you that it was the feminists and their Marxist allies who successfully pushed the sexual revolution onto Western society. They are now suspiciously absent in how to solve the fiscal problems in countries where demographics is an urgent concern, and if their current shrieking about obesity acceptance and rape culture is any sign, they will be lacking in helping societies cope with this upcoming calamity.

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