The Gender Pay Gap myth, despite being debunked numerous times by Forbes, CBS News, the Wall Street Journal, numerous economists, and even feminists, just refuses to die.  Oddly, Time magazine itself debunked this myth in 2016, but has published two articles in The Current Year titled Here Is the Gender Pay Gap in Every US State and 1 in 3 Americans Don’t Know That a Gender Wage Gap Exists.

The misleading titles are not backed up by facts.  The authors even admit the largest single explanation for the variance between average female pay and average male pay is due to the type of employment each sex selects, followed by birthrates and childcare duties.

Differences do not indicate oppression

The fact that one demographic group, whether it be Asians, women, teenagers, former military soldiers, or black lesbian trannies, earns a different salary, on average, from another demographic group, should be of no surprise.  Indeed, it is to be expected, particularly in a society where salaries are set competitively based on market interactions.

Symbols of the Oppressive Patriarchy

Expecting the same average prices in the labor market for varied labor is as ridiculous as expecting the same average prices in the supermarket for peanuts and avocados.  Different products, whether they be labor, or foods, have different prices.  The fact that average labor prices (wages) vary across various industries is a fact of life everywhere in the world.

And the fact that males on average, are paid a higher price for their labor, does not reject the value of women’s labor, any more than a peanut is seen as worthless next to an avocado because it costs less.

Career Choices Matter

Women choose to enter certain industries which are appealing to them.  Women I know have recently graduated with degrees in interior design, fashion, Spanish language, government, and accounting.  They chose those specific fields because there was something interesting or enjoyable about either the subject matter, or the job opportunities offered.  Are these the most high paying jobs?  Perhaps not, but salary information was certainly available and these women still decided that they would prefer interior decorating over computer programming.

Not all of these workers are paid the same. How evil!

A Modest Proposal

Of course, if women want true parity with men, then they should give up their freedom to choose their job and let them be assigned equally to the labor pool.  Starting tomorrow, 50% of all garbagemen, soldiers, lawyers, doctors, taxi drivers, janitors, and mine workers should be female.  And if you’re going to keep my salary the same, I’ll gladly become an elementary schoolteacher with summers off, and a work day ending at 3PM.

Remember: This is awesome and rewarding, this is awesome and rewarding…

But what if some woman don’t want to handle garbage, don’t want to take up arms and kill others in strange places for their (((greatest ally))), don’t want to study for years and work the long hours that are required to become licensed attorneys or doctors, don’t want to work the late nights and face the personal risks of driving a taxicab, don’t want to clean and handle waste, or subject their more fragile bodies to the dangerous and deadly work inside mines?


Sorry, but feminism dictates in the name of equality that they must be forced to do so.  But even then, while that would bring average salaries much closer to men, we are still not there yet.

Childrearing Explains Much of The Wage Variance

In the name of Wage Equality, women should no longer choose this

As the NY Times explained this month, childrearing is one of the largest explanations of the variance in men’s and women’s earnings.  As women are the only humans currently able to gestate and give birth, in the name of equality women must also forego reproduction.  After all, the childrearing duties of women account for approximately a 10-year delay in women’s pay to match that of men.  Until science finds a way for men to bear children, women, in the name of equality, can no longer reproduce, so that they may achieve the holy grail of equal pay to men.

But what if some women don’t care about equal pay?  Couldn’t that explain why some of them choose part time careers, or jobs that pay less, or choose to—gasp—not even work for globalist corporations at all, but instead focus on being a loving wife and caring mother?  If childbirth is a major cause in the wage gap, in the name of feminism, it should be ended.

Ironically, one of the authors, Debra Ness, is president of the National Partnership for Women and Families.  What could be more anti-family and damaging to children than pursuing equal pay for mothers and fathers?

Where Does It Stop?

Inequality is to be expected in life.  On my street, some houses sell for higher prices than mine would; others for lower.  Some people drive a more expensive car than mine; some a cheaper one.  Some people bang uglier girls than me, some prettier.  People in each of the 50 states, on average, earn different wages than each other state. That does not mean that 25 of the states are oppressing the other 25, or that we should try to correct these variances.

Look at all this geographic inequality! Geography must be stopped!

And indeed if we did attempt to equalize wages, by tackling the root causes that feminists like the author of the above article herself admit, directly cause lower wages, then we would make women unhappy and unsafe, by forcing them to do dangerous, unpleasant, or simply unwanted jobs.

Why Focus on Money?

Here’s a pro tip for women.  Once your basic needs are met, money has been proven to have very little impact on happiness.  If you want to be truly happy, set out to accomplish something rewarding in your life, whether that is volunteering for a cause you believe in, pursuing art or music or dance, becoming the first great hilarious female comedian, or raising a family of loving, caring children under the protection of a man who honors and respects you.

Instead of measuring your success by the size of your paycheck, choose a more meaningful metric.  You will be far happier, and chances are, the emotional rewards you receive will be unmatched by the highest salary at the fanciest corner cubicle in the best office building in your city.

The latest propaganda articles were sad, half-hearted efforts to throw out some headlines and raw data without any analysis or explanation, and hope that if you repeat the wage gap lie enough, we will believe it.  We don’t.  Feminists, equality in wages is not something you want.  It is not something you will enjoy.  Be careful what you wish for!  You just might get it.

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