Donald Trump bragged about his “smart” missiles launched at Syria to Russia over an unproven allegation of Assad gassing his own people while war mongers like Madman McCain and the celibate weirdo Lindsey Graham had an internal orgasm. This can escalate very rapidly as Trump is poking Putin, and Hezbollah may attack Israel which will lead to chaos. Russia is now acting accordingly while the far left who supposedly are anti-war are suddenly silent. The globalist owned U.N. Security Council rejected Russia’s solution, and it looks like tensions will only escalate.

Einstein once said that the difference between genius and stupidity is that stupidity has no limit. Just when you think the country can’t go any lower, you see things on the news that set the new standard for idiocy like former FBI director Comey spitting out lies, 60 Minutes interviewing washed up Super Slut Stormy Daniels, and now Trump blaming “Mastermind” Russia and Assad for Syria.

It is clear that America is dead. There is no decency, no morals, or sanity, just one big circus of nonsense. The recent H-2B bill passed by Congress and signed by Donald Trump himself allows thousands of foreign tech workers through the visa system countering Trump’s original campaign of growing American innovation. Trophy imports of endangered animals are now accepted into the United States, and Donald Trump hired the man who told George W. Bush the lie of weapons of mass destruction in poverty-stricken Iran, John Bolton.

The Bush family is once again in power, and “Trumpeteers” are too blind to see it as they’re drunk in their own patriotism. Assad said after the first Syrian strike that these allegations are nothing more than cosmetic campaigning and no concrete evidence exists. Still, that means nothing to blood thirsty war mongers.

Trump is doing exactly what the globalists want, setting himself up for impeachment.

The Government Isn’t Getting Any Better

The news is all fake, they’re lying and everybody knows it. You won’t become a better human by watching it, only a miserable one since it’s always about someone shooting up a school, somebody blowing themselves up, a rape here, a rape there. Society continues to plunder, and you can’t do anything about it other than helping yourself.

Writing to state representatives, congressmen, or senators won’t work. People have been preaching this for ages and yet the same three things have remained consistent: more war, more government, less freedom. With that being said, don’t be surprised if you see the following manifest:

1. Intense Civil Unrest – more people are waking up to the truth and when they realize that they’ve been played, a very angry reaction is going to follow.

2. More Terrorism – it’s going to get worse in all parts of the world as more people are taking justice into their own hands.

3. More Economic Instability – a larger gap between the rich and poor will become more apparent as automation and outsourcing puts Americans out of work.

4. Student Debt Explosion – more students are going to be graduating, but most of them won’t be able to secure good paying jobs resulting in default. The debt will collapse, and it will fall in the hands of the American taxpayer.

5. Immigrant Invasion of the U.S. – the zero budget for the border wall is going leave the government forced to put a cardboard fence which won’t do much for security. However, it looks like it’s being designed to prevent Americans from fleeing the country of what’s yet to come.


6. Decline of the American Dollar – Donald Trump and the Republican Party jacked up the spending budget to 1.3 trillion dollars. Inflation is going to blow way out of proportion, and the dollar may become worthless altogether. We may even see a new world reserve currency possibly the pound or even a cryptocurrency take over.

7. Rampant ProstitutionNew York and Atlantic City are just the beginning. America will become the next Amsterdam where girls will flock to the highest bidder. Sugar daddy relationships will become common as the whole culture is shifting towards a transaction hybrid form of intimacy.

8. Drop in Marriage Rates – men and women will treat it like business contracts which will be very specific, stating finances, child rights, and even frequency of intercourse. Most however, won’t even bother. High-tech virtual reality porn and sex bots will be the norm.

9. Technological Takeover – advancements will be made in biotechnology, genetics, medicine, robotics, and alike, making the human presence obsolete.

10. Complete Hijacking of the United States Government – you will see the blatant corruption right in your face and politicians won’t have any fear or shame in doing so.

11. The Rise of the Eastern World – China, India, Japan, Singapore, and other nations will dominate the global economy and will become the new leaders in technological innovation. Recently, Obama visited New Zealand and was treated as though he were still president. The purpose of his trip is unknown, but as you can see more interest is growing there while America continues to plummet.

12. Caucasians will Become the New Minority

13. Globalism will Destroy the Rest of World just like America – countries like Georgia, Croatia, India, Korea, and more are increasingly embracing the degeneracy from digitized Western culture, and so the earth will be one culture under globalists, with tyranny and WiFi for all.

14. Increase in Blindness – the surge of computer-based work is forcing the human eyeball to re-adjust itself to better adapt to the constant close work lifestyle. Glasses, contacts, or trans-humanist like technologies are likely to go up to deal with this loss in vision.

15. The End of Personal Privacy – Uber had their rider and driver info hacked and paid a 6-figure fee to hackers to remain silent. Additionally, they sell your information for “business reasons” according to their privacy laws. Orbitz, the travel website, was recently hacked where credit card, date of birth, and other private info of eight hundred thousand customers were stolen.

16. World War – Trump attacked Assad again just like the war mongers wanted him to and is pointing the finger at Russia for financing them. We all know where this is going.

What to Make of it All?

Treat global events with the mind of a Buddha. Let it pass through and be converted into spiritual energy to fuel your goals. Trump said on Friday to pray, hopefully, God will give him more sense instead of pulling the trigger over whispers from his neocon administration.

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