Due to my sister’s death, I need to reduce my work load for the near term, focus on my core business, and simplify my life in general. One of the first things to go is the ROK t-shirt shop, which is intensive in labor without providing enough income to reduce dependency on advertisements. I’m selling all existing stock and closing up the store.

Return Of Kings T-shirt on sale for $16

Our flagship t-shirt is 35% off. The shirt is made in the USA out of 100% premium cotton. Click here for details.

Uncle Roosh T-Shirt on sale for $12


The Uncle Roosh t-shirt is 52% off. This shirt is a requirement if you ever want to pose in front of a military tank. Click here for details.

Bumper sticker and magnet combo pack for $2

Get the ROK bumper sticker and Roosh-head refrigerator magnet for only $2. This is 71% off the normal price. Click here for details.

The sale will go on as long as supplies last and then I will close the shop. This is your last opportunity to get the above products.

Click Here To Visit The ROK Store

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