Out of all my podcasts, I’ve received the most amount of comments about The Black Pill, where I state that it’s fruitless to try to change society instead of yourself. Many men feel that this possibly can’t be the right approach, because if we don’t try to change society, how can we ever make it better? Won’t the whole world just become one big African slum?

What is society composed of? Buildings, music, art, language, government, and more, all produced by people. Without those people, there would be no society. As a living human being, you are an integral part of a society, and it will change by a degree, however minuscule, when you die. You’re already changing it through your mere existence, but trying to change society directly through conscious effort is futile.

The problem with becoming an activist to change a broken society is that it’s almost always done by imperfect people. Broken cannot fix broken. If you’re not living by the code you think your perfect society should be, or you suffer from anxiety or fear, you can’t improve the whole that you’re a part of. Changing society is therefore a form of therapy, just like how teaching game was a form of self-help for me.

This car should not be designing the highway system

Your problems, vices, mental issues, and addictions are too difficult to solve, but it’s all to easy to command other people on how to live. If you gain a soapbox, you’ll feel soothed that others are listening to you even though your own life is in disarray. The ego boost of becoming famous or influential can’t compete with even the best sex or anti-depressant pills, and in the end we have a case of the blind leading the blind.

The only foolproof way to change society is to make yourself the best person you can be. The society then automatically changes upon your change, since you are a part of the whole. If you rid yourself of your brokenness and your fears, your addictions and your denials, society will improve. If you become a golden standard for others to follow, you could then advise others on how you solved your own problems. Until then, any attempt to change others is just a way to delay or procrastinate your own change. This is the most obvious with pundits on the internet who have an interest in changing the minds of people who don’t even live in their country. They don’t care about their own neighbor, yet they are activists for those who live in lands they have never been to.

I will not tell you by which standard of morality to live by, because I know that a society full of fornicating men like myself would lead to catastrophe more than not. Unless we’re talking about a man like Jesus, a society filled with the person who wants to change the world would always lead to disaster. If you ask me questions, I will give you answers, and I will surely share my opinion like I’m doing now, but I will not take a crusade to save those who did not ask me to be saved.


A society full of men like Jesus wouldn’t be so bad

Today, I would not run a “Fat Shaming Week” like I did on Return Of Kings several years back. I can state that I’m not attracted to overweight women, but I no longer care how women I don’t know choose to live. I set a weight limit for my body, and if people want to ask me for health advice then I will help them, but if the whole world becomes obese then so be it, for it must be a part of human nature if its occurrence is so seemingly inevitable.

One of the first things you may have figured out when learning game is not to convince a blue pill friend to also use game. The friend will resent you for thinking that you’re better than him. It turns out that this basic lesson applies on a societal level as well. People don’t want to hear your opinions, standards, and morals. Even covertly inserting those opinions into movies or music won’t work unless you’re programming people to do what is already within their primal nature.

It’s easy to attack mainstream media and Hollywood, but most people really want to sleep around, accumulate material possessions, be addicted to all matter of substances, invent their own gods, and simulate being a “good” person by virtue signalling for an outgroup. It’s easy, fun, and makes them feel powerful and superior. They don’t want you to tell them how to genuinely be a good person or solve real problems. Doing so is a waste of your time, and if you’re too persistent, they’ll try to kill you for it.

I intend to live for several more decades. I will use that time to face my lingering demons while sharing what I know to people who want to hear me, but I will not attempt to change the world. That’s just a form of therapy that is kicking the can of my own problems down the road. I know that if I become the best man I can, and be open and honest with how I did so, society will improve ten times more than if I try to jam my opinions and theories into people who don’t want to hear it. There will be no arguments, no persuasion, and no debates, just an individual journey that leads to openness and dialogue, and I hope that I will be successful at it.

This article was originally published on Roosh V.

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