There’s been plenty of talk about tradthots lately. This long video is particularly entertaining:

Tradthots have several characteristics. They preach they value of living a traditional life but do not practice what they preach. They are not innovators, preferring to let more daring thinkers articulate arguments before they echo those same points. They profit from the dissident right, and are better at profiting from it than those daring thinkers.

With all that in mind it should be blatantly obvious that the biggest and original tradthot is Ben Shapiro.

Ben’s Complete Lack of Masculinity

I always had a problem with Ben but couldn’t begin to explain why until I saw Mike Cernovich quickly answer a question about him in a video. Mike said, in essence, that he doesn’t want to associate with Ben.

Mike crystallized it: Ben is short, weak, prissy, and elitist. He looks frail and sickly. He doesn’t belong near a cultural movement that encourages men to be masculine, women to be feminine, and society to expect both of these. Ben is too androgynous for that.

Here’s a video of Ben trying to talk tough to a tranny. Notice Ben’s body language when the tranny responds to him with a threat.

Ben gets frightened by the guy altering his hormones to be more feminine. He can’t even make eye contact after that. I remember listening to an Adam Carolla podcast after this incident happened. Ben was the guest and said that he filed a battery charge for what you see above. He discusses this topic just one minute in:

For somebody who claims to be so anti-government, he sure ran fast to the government when a tranny threatened him. Is that who you want leading you?  Is that who you want representing your brand?

Ben Does Not Live A Traditional Life

Perhaps Ben has never claimed to be a traditional patriarch. If that’s the case, fair enough. But he certainly praises the nuclear family. And he certainly denounces leftist debauchery. He praises religion and Judeo-Christian (emphasis on Judeo) beliefs. He has become a champion of the traditional family whether or not he openly declared himself in those terms.

As for his nuclear family, he has mentioned many times that his wife his a doctor. Why is she a doctor? Ben makes enough money ripping-off Milo Yiannopoulos’ talking points. He can surely support a family.


And yet his wife is a doctor, one of the most time consuming jobs there is. Who is raising their kids? Why does Ben think her job as a doctor is more important than her job as a mother? Men have to work. It’s part of manhood. It’s not optional for us. It is a choice for women. Is it a Judeo-Christian belief that chasing money is more important than raising your children?

The truth is that Ben Shapiro wants money. And like all tradthots his profession is marketing the arguments of better men as his own. It is not necessary for him to believe or practice what he tells others.

Ben Shapiro Isn’t A Nationalist, He’s An Elitist

Leftist talking points are ridiculous. As such, they’re relatively easy to demolish in intellectual discussion. Ben, as a lawyer by trade, is good at arguing with leftists. He’s very good at the easy arguments.

At the hard arguments he’s a loser.

The biggest of example of this comes from his frequent denouncements of Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. Say what you want about Trump now, at the time he had a nationalist, patriarchal message. Ben didn’t like that message. He preferred the “conservative” message, the same message globalists want you to hear.

Whereas Trump denounced free-trade agreements as being bad for America, Shapiro loves them. It is more important to him that globalist institutions be able to increase profits than Americans be gainfully employed.

At these arguments he loses. Case-in-point: he bet on American’s continuing faith in the Republican party over Trump’s proud nationalism. He lost that bet. Arguing against snowflakes is easy. Arguing against patriots is difficult. And more importantly, why would you?

If Ben was the man he makes himself out to be he’d be less sickly. He’d hit the gym and do some heavy squats instead of manscaping his eye brows. But Ben has more in common with the tradthots profiting from beta men than he does with the men acknowledging the cultural decline. In the struggle to save America from degenerate globalism Ben Shapiro is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

For more from Jared Trueheart on the roles of men and women I literature and film check out his writing at Legends of Men.

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