If you are a born or naturalized citizen of the United States, the fact of the matter is that the U.S. Constitution belongs to you. It was conceived for you, written for you, argued over for you and enshrined in the legacy of this land specifically for you. If your heart is set on becoming an American citizen then the Constitution is also for you, but you have to earn it and that’s just the way it is. If you live in a country where personal liberty, freedom from tyranny, and the rule of law against oppression do not exist, the Constitution was made to inspire you.

Let us start with the Declaration of Independence. It is important to analyze the words and phrases that the authors used in that document to establish their audience. The phrases “course of human events” and “opinions of mankind” are concepts which are all inclusive of every living person throughout time. “Unalienable Rights” are eternal and all-encompassing ideas that apply to all human beings.

The “Right of the People” refers to all who identify with each other as one people bonded together by a common identity, and dedicated to the preservation of the safety of all fellow citizens, and a collective agreement that each has a right to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

That all may sound Pollyanna, but spend some time in a third world country and you’ll quickly realize that we got things here that most people around the world don’t. I would never want to be imprisoned in a country where I had no access to legal representation and I do NOT recommend trying it.

Former president, Andrew Jackson at the age of 13 defying the British soldier who ordered him to clean his boots at a prisoner camp in 1780. — Image by © CORBIS

The Language of the Constitution

The preamble of the Constitution begins with the words “We the People” in giant letters.  This is to let you know that it was not one individual that made the Constitution possible and that true lasting power comes from a mandate from the citizenry. The purpose was to “form a more perfect Union”; unity, togetherness, community, the ideal that we are invincible when we stand shoulder to shoulder. These concepts are anathema to fascists because they have run the same playbook of divide and conquer for millennia.

“Common defense” and “general welfare” continue this theme of working together to ensure the future trust. Last but certainly not least, “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”. This statement clearly shows that the signers of the Constitution wanted to enshrine freedom not just for themselves but for everyone, forevermore.


The Founding Fathers were well aware of their own mortality. They knew their time was limited because they studied philosophy extensively. They knew that the only thing that would survive beyond their death would be their work.


The mortal nature is seeking as far as is possible to be everlasting and immortal; and this is only to be attained by generation, because the new is always left in the place of the old. -Plato

Some may believe that because they are not direct descendants of the first Americans that they are far removed from their work. Nothing could be further from the truth. Posterity means future generations, future sons and daughters of America. The Founders wanted you to willingly accept the torch of freedom. They wanted you to embrace their work as your own inheritance. If you believe in your heart that their words have meaning today, as I do, then you are their brethren and kindred soul by default.

Today the cultural marxists love to use character assassination to achieve their goals. Focusing on the weaknesses and shortcomings of great thinkers and statesmen are the marxist’s stock in trade. To undermine the value of the Constitution it is easier to focus on the humanity of the authors even if their ridicule is baseless. The Constitution was created in a time when slavery had been institutionalized for hundreds of years. Many Founders were staunchly against it, but were powerless to change that part of society, yet.

Some may say that those people who wrote the Constitution lived a long time ago. They could not have envisioned the world we live in today. Do not be naïve enough to think that these men did not study deeply and extensively both history and the psychology of humanity. There were considerable volumes of works that were required reading in that era that covered every detail of tyranny, oppression and the outcomes of greedy, selfish, evil people who tortured, killed and enslaved the masses at will.

There are those that will argue that the ideals of freedom and justice are dead given the wide-scale corruption and lawlessness of our political leaders. Well guess what? The Founders knew that would happen too! Your liberty is under assault. Your freedoms are on the line and you have significant enemies that have brought you to the precipice of darkness. To quote the movie Braveheart, “What will you do without freedom?”

Quiz Time

Keeping in mind that the supreme law of this land belongs to you, it’s test time!

How would you best hold on to your belongings when some ruthless son of a bitch comes along and demands to take your shit?

A) Ask them nicely to “Please, fuck off.”
B) Wait for somebody you’ve never met with a hunk of metal on their chest to come help you.
C) Write a letter to some useless political douchebag who’s been stealing from you for years.
D) Other. Please explain ____________________

Hopefully this article has convinced you to take responsibility for the preservation of the United States Constitution if you have not done so already.

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