Western culture is dead. It is a poison in the slow drip IV attached to us from birth. We have all the comforts we could ever ask for; what else is there left to do?


Everyone I’ve talked to in the past week has had nothing more important on their tongues than Miley Cyrus’ ‘performance’ at the VMAs. On the surface it seems overtly sexual. She awkwardly dances, constantly sticks her tongue out, twerks, frames her genitals etc. Everything is so blatant in its meaning, yet lacks the fluidity and sensuality of a sincerely arousing performance.

I’ve heard people claim she is just a knock off of Lady Gaga, who is a knockoff of Madonna. People defend her and praise her confidence for being true to herself. Young girls idolize these actions and hope they can one day amount to absolutely nothing leeching off of others for subsistence. They want to live a life doing what they want, but don’t want to accept the fact that life is pointless if you do not have drive to do anything of value.

We are attached to our smartphones, laptop screens, TVs. Technology at every turn. We have become incapable of critical thinking and instead reach for Google, or even a calculator for the most basic of questions. There was once an American Dream where hard work, perseverance, and intelligence was rewarded with opportunity and a chance to leave a legacy.

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Everyone has had their 15 minutes, and soon enough everyone from sterilized and effeminate hip-hop artists to wage slaves will awake in a sweat from the American dream and will realize they have not accomplished anything except a marketable, politically correct image.


Sex sells more than ever. Farrah Abraham of teen mom fame whored herself out for attention. Her child will grow up to see their mother getting fucked hard in the ass and gagging on a strange mans above-average cock. Her child will read how she claimed it was the best day of the actors life getting to fuck her. Her child will look upon the wrinkled and empty face of their mother and realize they were the best thing to ever happen to her. Not because she was a proud mother, but because she was able to skyrocket her social relevance and provide fleeting material wealth.

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Social networking leaves us depressed and questioning our life choices, student debt makes people realize a university is just another business, ‘performances’ on the TV leave us disgusted and wanting more. We want more to hate and more to consume, but never want to give anything back.

Men are taught from birth that their nature is wrong, that they are supposed to fawn over women and sacrifice their lifeblood to please her for the hopes of a piece of pussy.

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Our food is an amalgamation of everything pleasurable. Our social life is instant gratification on a computer screen. Our connectedness to our peers comes from watching ‘real’ people do ‘real’ things on TV. Our life is spent in front of screens wishing and hoping that something would give purpose to our lives. Because of this we create a hollow identity to gain the approval of others.

The West’s societal identity has been replaced by narcissism, materialism, and blind uniformity. Even this piece is a tired cliche.

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