One of my friends, who is currently living in Berlin, works as a software programmer for a multinational corporation. He was telling me how his females colleagues can now request to know how much he earns, but he is not allowed to know the wages of his female peers.

Since 2017, the cultural Marxists and toxic feminists in Germany have had another victory over Western civilization and “evil patriarchy”. Businesses with more than 200 workers are now required to report the salary of any male upon request by a women.

Elder women protesting for “better” wages with a sign that states: “same work, same wage “

Germany’s New Transparency of Pay Act

This is all part of the New Transparency Pay Act which states:

The Act expressly states that it aims to promote and enforce the equal pay principle, meaning that equal pay must be granted for equal or comparable work and that direct or indirect wage discrimination based on gender is prohibited.

Seems fair? Well it doesn’t stop there…

The law entitles individual employees (women) to request the median monthly salary of employees (men) of the opposite sex within their comparison group (i.e. those employees who do similar work to them. This applies to companies with regularly more than 200 employees and can be first exercised six months after the Act came into force.

We are the big sisters now little boy!

German SJWs and left-wing politicians claim this law will help deliver more “equality between genders”. But I wonder if another law is really necessary for it. European Union already has several laws guaranteeing equal wages between different genders and races. Is another one really necessary? Wont it just increase envy, misogyny and racism phenomenon that is already rapidly increasing in Europe? 

With this law, it’s quite possible that envy and hatred between coworkers of opposite sexes might increase just by the simple fact of females gossiping and suspecting about their male coworkers having a better salary than them. 

Even with this law, women still are not happy. They are complaining that the law is not enough. They claim: “It’s still not hard enough on men” or “It’s too soft” if compared to Iceland’s harsh gender equality laws, which impose fines on businesses that don’t give equal pay between genders.



Isn’t this law misandry? Where is the Justitia omnibus? Why can women have the right to know the wages of men inside their corporation while men can’t know theirs?

While at first sight this law might look like a good thing, in the long term it will probably be another blow to Western democracy. Instead of men and women working together to build a better Germany, they will only keep tearing it down due to hatred between each other.

Left-wing activists in Germany will never be happy with the “progress” they acheive. Feminists will keep pushing for more radical gender “equality” laws until they reach a point that only women will be allowed to have higher salaries than their male colleagues.

I can find a husband give a good childhood to my children and at the same time be a bigshot CEO, but because I live in a misogynist society the patriarchy tries to tell me its impossible!!! Yeah… right “grlll power”

Indian woman cop

Never in the history of humankind women have had as many options as today. They can opt between living like a man and rely on themselves or to find a provider and never do any work at all besides household chores. And yet they still claim “they have less options in life than men…”

Western women want to believe that it’s quite possible for them to have a demanding career like an executive or CEO of a big multinational and still find time to find their prince and raise healthy children, but the truth is its not they will have to pick one.

Most women who try will end up stressed and depressed. They’ll watch as their marriage goes downhill and their children grow up and rebel against their moms and families due to the lack of attention that is given to them. Most children that grow up with absent or not-so-present parents end up being failures with psychological issues like low self esteem. They end up as troubled teenagers that succumb to drugs, peer pressure, and crime. Is this the kind of “prominent citizens” that those working moms want to deliver to society?

Remember those days? No misandry and toxic feminism! Both sexes would use their best talents to build a better society instead of complaining about gender differences. The 50s were the golden era of Western civilization

Western women want to believe that they can have a loving husband waiting for them at their hand and feet, have a family, raise healthy children, and somehow still have time and energy to be the CEO or some type of top executive at a Fortune 500 company making big bucks and spending 40 hours per week dedicated to their work. In short, they want to take male privileges for them, without any of the male obligations/responsibilities that comes with it. 

It wont take too long before more harsh laws that fine or punish corporations for not paying women equally start appearing in the United States and Latin American countries. Politicians there love to model their laws after European ones, especially laws that comply with the globalists’ political agenda and cater towards minorities and feminists. After all, where do left-wing politicians get their votes from?

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