I will give children to be their princes [rulers], and babes shall rule over them. The people will be oppressed, every one by another and every one by his neighbor; the child will be insolent toward the elder, And the base toward the honorable. (Isaiah 3:4–5, NKJV)

We live in a time of great delusions. We are bombarded by delusions at every turn. Delusion is a synonym for deception, a lie, a falsehood, an illusion. The pursuing of delusions is not a new phenomenon. People have pursued delusions in ancient civilizations just as our civilization is now. We are currently in a condition where people cannot see the difference between fiction and reality, between a delusion and what is real.

The Book of Isaiah has many references to delusions. Another phrase for delusions is the vain imaginations of the heart. Something that is vain is morally relative. In Isaiah 3:4 the word translated as babes can also be translated as delusional. Why would the translators of the KJV choose babes? Because babies do not know reality and have not developed higher reasoning capabilities and understanding. Aside from physical needs, babies are all emotion.

Babies are not supposed to remain babies. In our day, children are sent to schools and universities that keep them intellectual and emotional babies, regardless of their actual age; and so they remain emotional children most, if not all, of their entire lives. These people are ruled by emotion and being ruled by emotion sets the stage for delusion.

Passions and emotions are not bad, but we are to control them. They are not to control us. People ruled by emotion and passion are easier to control. Emotional people are less likely to ask questions. Emotional people cannot delay gratification for greater gratification later. Emotion is about the moment, what feels good and safe now. The global elite know this and are settings the stage for complete control through fear and delusion. No one likes to be afraid, but fear is a powerful motivator and unless controlled leads people to believe illusions or delusions over reality. People are willingly replacing reality with delusions.

How can we recognize when delusions exist?

Progressives advocate a world where their passions and emotions rule everyone. This list is not conclusive. There are other factors. The following are the most common. All of the items in this list have a basis in an emotional response.

1. Delusions go hand-in-hand with moral relativism

Part of moral relativism is accepting relative moral truth, and the emergence and acceptance of tyranny. The delusions have a base function but also stretch and change based upon the individual while retaining the sandy foundation upon which they are built.

2. The blocking of justice and subjective enforcement of laws is a common practice in deluded societies

People go free based upon other demographic or financial factors, i.e. race, religion, gender, money, etc. True justice is harder to find in delusional societies because the people are busy perpetuating delusions. Scapegoats are typically found and used as fodder to perpetuate injustice while true justice is denied to those that have been truly wronged.

The denying of justice also includes the twisting of circumstances, information, and anything else to create a narrative that supports the delusion. Heather Mac Donald wrote an excellent article about the delusion of “rape culture” started to take a strong hold upon our society. The article was written in 2008 and we can now see how the delusion has an increased hold upon society.

The #MeToo movement (and other associated movements), women’s marches, mandated gender and demographic quotas, telling men to act more like women are not movements of justice. These movements perpetuate delusions upon society. True justice is when a woman is prosecuted for false accusations. True justice is when a man is prosecuted for true rape, not the women’s regret or failure to speak. True justice is realizing transgenderism and transvestism are disorders and instead of enabling the delusion the people receive the necessary mental help.

3. Women’s rule is a common theme in delusional societies

This delusion encompasses the delusion that women are better at everything. Isaiah 3:12 mentions how women rule in delusional societies. The chapter discusses how they were given over to delusion and women rule over them (meaning the men). The ridiculous idea that women are better leaders than men is one of the biggest delusions perpetuated upon western societies. Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, and Hillary Clinton are examples of clearly delusional women. These women encourage others to partake in their delusion.

In a deluded society, the women seek to bridle the men. Part of the delusion is that men are a woman’s entertainment and work horse. A dishonorable and deluded woman will turn a man into one of these, both if she can.


4. Children oppress the parents and their elders

This factor is mentioned in the same verse as the women, Isaiah 3:12. Isaiah 3:5, which is included at the beginning of this article mention how children shall boast against their elders. Children are telling their elders they are “out of touch” if they do not support gay marriage, transgenderism, and the docket of other progressive causes. This is a case where the children are telling the elders to support delusions.

5. Nebulous or fluid terms and definitions

The nebulous and fluidity of the definitions creates an environment that make deception easier since most people will not ask for clarification on terms and definitions. Terms are deliberately undefined, vague, or change based upon the circumstances to fit a particular narrative and objective. Most people assume that everyone thinks like they do. The narrative uses this idea to push the deception.

“Toxic masculinity” is an example of a fluid and nebulous idea. “Toxic masculinity” is progressive speak for masculinity in general. Some of the characteristics listed on Wikipedia for toxic masculinity are “dominance, self-reliance, and competition.” Any person that blames “toxic masculinity” (i.e. masculinity) for tragedies is believing a delusion. Tyranny is toxic, whether that toxicity comes from Harvey Weinstein or Hillary Clinton does not matter. Harvey Weinstein and Hillary Clinton are examples of tyrannical people.

The progressive media will typically associate masculinity in general with rape. Rape is not acceptable under any circumstance. This requirement applies to the women as well as the men. Women can rape too. “Rape culture” is another delusion.

What we can do

Ask God for wisdom. We must examine ourselves and seek to escape our own delusions. To escape delusions takes serious and regular personal internal and external reflection and examination. We must want to leave the delusion. Leaving delusions will require that we will have to accept things about ourselves and the world around us that will be uncomfortable. No real maturity and growth comes without self-examination.

Call people out on their delusions. Many will become angry, potentially violent. Many people love the delusions because they feed individual self-delusions. Self-delusions open the door for greater deception and more delusions.

Be honorable and do not be wishy-washing or a pushover and do not take pleasure in the perverse and insidious, i.e. stop walking in crooked paths. Progressives, as part of their delusions, will take pleasure in that which is perverse and insidious; they walk in crooked paths. Perversions such as pedophilia, homosexuality, racism, transgenderism, etc. are celebrated. If you walk in crooked paths you will not have internal peace.

Be firm (consistent) in mind (thought), heart (emotion), and spirit. A flakey person lacks consistency in mind, heart, and spirit. Return of Kings published several articles about flakey women. There have always been troublesome women. Proverbs 21:9, 21:19, 25:24 all mention quarrelsome, complaining, vexing, and angry women.

While it is important to honor your word, put conditions in place to prevent yourself from being used. Think of keeping your word as vow, if the conditions of the vow are not honored by the other party, you keep the vow at your discretion. Additional examples of this can be found in the Bible when God deals with people and nations of people. God always places restrictions upon receiving of blessings. Disloyalty results in curses.

Many groups, private and public, are busy feeding the world with lies and twisted information to create and continue delusions. Do not believe the lie that you are not qualified to speak about an issue because you may not fit certain criteria on the progressive identity chart. Refuse to participate in the delusions. Speak your mind.

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