I’m tired of continuously hearing my American friends from real life and the rest of the manosphere community making remarks of Brazil as some kind of paradise in which all women are extremely good looking, feminine, loyal and respectful towards men. I’ve decided to write this article to show the reality about the current state of Brazil.

The truth is that much of Brazilian women have being going downhill after the 90s due to feminism, Cultural Marxism and obesity rates increasing in South America.

Lie #1: Most Brazilian women are nice

No they are not. Its hard to find loyal girlfriend or wife material in Brazil as anywhere else in the world. My guess for most foreigners who get this impression from Brazil, especially Americans, is due to the warm and hospitable way Brazilians are naturally. But be careful!

Behind all of this Brazilian “friendliness and warmth” lies a superficial culture which is hard to find real deep friendships, since most Brazilian follow politically correct etiquette to avoid conflict while pretending interest in getting to know others.

Similar to the Japanese, Brazilian people have a culture to avoid conflict with strangers and colleagues at all costs even if it means pretending to agree in a subjects they don’t agree much or do something they don’t enjoy. Mix that with the Brazilian way of being friendly, making physical contact with everyone, and having good listening skills.

Most foreigners get the naive impression that Brazilians, especially women, are loving, caring, and not as cold as the ones from their homelands. The best way to hear sincerity and truths from Brazilians is to go drink with them. If you wanna get to know Brazilians true colors, especially women, get them drunk. That’s the only way they will say their opinions and  show how shallow they really are just like most American and European girls.

Lie #2: Marrying a Brazilian Girl is better than marrying an American Girl

Gringo do you want me? Hope you have some moolah in your pockets!

The truth is that, divorce rates in Brazil and the rest of Latin America are skyrocketing, just like in the USA. Most middle class Brazilian girls from cities like Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro are self-centered SJW bitches that think they are walking goddesses.

It doesn’t help either that from a young age until college they were brainwashed by left-wing teachers and professors teaching them all about “grlll power” and how Fidel Castro is some kind of super hero who fights against the evil imperialist capitalist countries and so on.

Yes you heard that right: Brazilian schools and colleges have a tendency to brainwash teens into thinking developed countries are to blame for Brazil not being able to become developed. Victim mentalities and Napoleon complexes are deeply rooted in Brazilian culture and women here are a good reflection of it. If you are already in relationship with a Brazilian girl after the first phase of the relationship, they will easily get triggered if you don’t get along with their views or plans for the future.


Brazilian women are very jealous as well if they feel you are being distant and spending too much time working or hanging out with your friends. Some of their tactics include trying to draw you away from your friends, constantly calling you at random times, showing up in places you haven’t invited them, and endless complaining about the lack of attention and affection you are not giving in to them.

When they get angry or upset with you trust me, their wrath can be worse than the one of an Anglo-Saxon girl. They will do their best to break your frame and make you feel like shit until you say you are sorry or surrender to their demands in some way or another.

Lie #3: If you wanna find a girl who isn’t a feminist, go to Brazil

AAAAARGH! I didn’t get a job as a journalist because of the patriarchy!!

Well I hate to crush your dreams, but feminism is going strong here as well. After the massive #Metoo movement in America, Brazilian feminists created the #DeixaElaTrabalhar, which means “Let Her Work!” Similarly to the #Metoo movement in America, #DeixaElaTrabalhar is an attempt which is gaining a lot of attention from the Brazilian mainstream media.

A bunch of Brazilian journalists are being crybabies about the the lack of respect and representation in the media female journalists get, especially in sport journalism. Their main tactic is to complain about misogynistic jokes in soccer.

So although your gringo card might make them more cooperative and friendly with you at first, in the long run they will end up showing their true colors. And you will find out they aren’t that different from your average good looking white American girl raised in New York, San Francisco or Chicago. It doesn’t help either that most Brazilian men have a weak frame just like men from other Western Countries.

In short, Brazilian women, especially the hot ones, are used to being catered to, having beta orbiters around them, and treating men like shit without any consequences at all. They might get impressed if you have a stronger frame than most beta males they are used to dealing with, but in the long run they will probably try to fuck you up through the justice system or spread rumors about you being an evil misogynistic male, like Toronto girls would do.

Germany? Nope, Southern Brazil, The last bastion of  Right-Wing Conservative families/girls Brazil has to offer.

The only good place to find wife material here would be in the Southern States of Brazil, such as Rio Grande do Sul, Parana, and Santa Catarina. They share a very similar culture to the southern states of America. Country girls here are conservative, religious, and really good looking. Also, it’s easy to find good-looking blondes here, due to the fact that this region received lots of immigrants from Germany, Italy, and Slavic countries. 

To sum it up, Brazil might be far from becoming a developed country like the US, Canada, England or France, but in terms of feminism and Cultural Marxism, it’s really close to its North American cousins.

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