In my youth I was much more tolerant of the gay and lesbian movement, but I think that is because I lived in a completely different world than what exists today. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, but I feel that the Brooklyn that I remember either no longer exists or exists in isolated pockets holding out against a world quickly losing any moral coherency.

I remember a time when respecting other people’s privacy was not a novelty but a requirement and by extension demanding that our own privacy be respected. We all knew who was gay, but as long as they kept their lifestyle to themselves, we didn’t give a shit. I developed a tolerance for people because I could put myself in their shoes and get a grasp for where they were coming from. Today there is none of that. Today the gay and lesbian lifestyle is being rammed down America’s throat whether we are prepared for it or not; even though they only make up a tiny fraction of society.

I really think political correctness is out of control and I’ve given up trying to enable that culture or even educate myself and others. I’m not on board with explaining to my son why a kid at his school has two dads. I tell him that everyone’s family is different and to respect their privacy. Then I immediately tell him that someday he’s going to meet a wonderful, respectful young lady. I qualify respectful as a person who respects herself and her family, and has a close relationship with her father.

I tell him if you decide to get married and have children then you will experience a great life filed with the rewards of family, as I do. I don’t believe a child should be deprived of having a mother and a father, but the world we live in now spits on my concept of normalcy.

I was okay with same-sex marriage because the family man in me thought that people should be able to get healthcare coverage and death benefits for their loved ones. I still believe that, but with the understanding that what you do behind closed doors is your own business and leave me the fuck out of it.

Yes, I can tell if you’re a fag or a lesbo, and I’m not going to go there out of respect for your privacy. However, when you rub it in my face and try to get society to bow down before you, you get the Ole’ Brooklyn Salute (middle finger). Again, I’m not going to normalize that to my child because there are folks out there that are completely promiscuous and have no intention of finding a life partner or soul mate.

It’s perversion when you are sex driven and you fall in love every other night whether you’re a man or a woman. When I witness these pride parades I see a complete lack of discretion and rampant sexual innuendo. That goes beyond gay rights and these events have become pretty sick.

I find it repulsive that a lot of kids these days are being encouraged to turn into something that they are not. What happened to being proud of who we are just the way you are? I tell my kid, “You made some important decisions when you decided to be born a boy. Trust that decision because becoming a man is a great adventure. It’s not a better adventure than being born a girl, it’s just different and it’s worth living to the fullest.”


We clearly live in an time where the feminization of men is in full swing. We know for a fact that synthetic estrogen is everywhere. Most men cannot escape contamination especially in big cities where we are all being herded. I encourage my son to be courteous, kind and respectful, but I also tell him not to be a pussy.

We are living in an age where it is now “cool” for a woman to try and convince another woman she can provide for her better than a man. I don’t subscribe to that idea. I do tell my son that it’s a man’s job to decide someday whether or not to grow and take care of a family. It has to be a conscious decision to stick by his kin as guardian, protector, provider and the backbone that tomorrow’s dreams are made of. It sticks in my craw when society tries to turn my lad into a little soy boy with no testicles and limits his future wife prospects by turning them to lesbianism.

What disgusts me the most is secret transgender people who try to get into a relationship with someone under false pretenses. People deciding to become transgender because that is more in line with who they really are is fine with me. Not being open and honest about who you are though is the same as not telling someone you have an STD prior to intercourse. Now I have to educate my son on the differences between men and women. Not the obvious differences of once upon a time, but the subtle differences that drugs, hair extensions, make up, and surgery cannot hide.

So what is really going on?

The Cultural Marxists know that in order to destroy America they have to destroy the family. One thing I always held dear was that family transcended everything. They have to annihilate the concept of a strong father figure and they have to make obsolete the icon of a loving mother, of a home life and childhood that is wholesome, where innocence is not just protected but enshrined. They know that to defeat us, they need to hit us where we live, our family.

To all you young players out there, I’m not ignorant to what the game has become. I will encourage you however to have a dream. There’s a pretty girl out there who has an education, can cook, does not leave her clothes all over the floor like you do, has a loving relationship with her father (who’s respect you must earn, sorry!), respects you and can be your best friend, lover, companion, wife and who will be a good mother to your children.

You will someday grow old, don’t do it alone. Your family is your key to the future, you will achieve things you never thought possible because your loved ones are counting on you. Forget about James Bond and Rambo, you will be the hero just by showing up to your kid’s baseball game.

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