If you are a gen-X or a millennial born before 1991, chances are you have a son or a daughter. If you gamed girls efficiently, then spotted a valuable, trustworthy girl and started living together, perhaps one night your would-be spouse stormed out of the bathroom with a positive pregnancy test, and both of you decided to let the little being be. Or perhaps you went along more traditional lines and married before Ms. stopped having periods. Regardless—now you’re a father, head of a family. Congratulations!

Children are lots of work and money. Nevertheless, in addition to being incredibly cute when they’re small, they are the future. They pass our genes, our legacy. They are life continuing after us—the living proof we managed to pursue the line just as all our direct ancestors did.

Unfortunately, even if you manage to be in power at your home, which is already noteworthy if you’re a debt-riddled “educated” man, outside, you’re not. The power to be is the boomer generation.

Presidents Bush, Obama, and even Trump are all boomers. The Rolling Stones, the Beatles and so on were boomer references. The media cater to the boomers, which is why you can find so many condescending or incendiary articles against the millennials, yet these are never considered “hate speech.”

If you disagree, don’t tell, that would be “hate speech”

And these boomers are not content with having capital, status, and the mainstream culture at their feet, they also wish they would control the future as well.

Boomers have already mortgaged our future. They already spent it for their own luxuries and disinherited us by choosing daughters, adopted children, “minorities” over us. Their media, their movies, constantly cast us on a negative light while promoting a few X/millennials who betrayed their manliness and the bulk of their generation.

Strangely, even then, boomers rarely forsake the whole of the future. They live long. And after having abused the Greatest Generation, made life difficult for the X and sacrificed the Y they try now trespassing on the few Y’s who succeed to rule over the Z.

Pay close attention if your boomer relatives do the following things…

Constantly ignored your needs when you were a teen, then tried to re-enter your life

They have let you fend off for yourself as soon as possible, rejected your points as invalid, didn’t bother much when you stopped talking to them, then they come back with great interest when they hear you’re siring.

Try to make you depend on them

They provide some help by, say, babysitting your child and bringing some groceries. Then they start giving not-so-subtle clues that their support is really wonderful (even when it’s nothing compared to everything they own) and they could withdraw it if you don’t follow their bossy advice.

Try to play the hyper-cool grandparents

They start taking your child to restaurants, movies, or theme parks. They may pretend they are just enjoying themselves and contributing to your child being happy, but chances are they’re actually manipulating your child into believing his boomer relatives are cool, funny, and merry to be around, in contrast with their own busy and less patient parents.

Shower your child with costly presents

Costlier than what you could or would afford, which is of course a way to imply superior status.

They show a whole new face to your child

With you, they were uncaring and severe. They blue-pilled you and silenced your mature views out. Then they pretend to be relaxed, caring, and playful with your child.

Undermine your authority

They constantly criticize your choices, speak on a patronizing tone, and worse, they do so in front of your child as if they willingly tried to undermine your authority.

Start talking about inheritance out of the blue

They never spoke about inheritance and even made the whole topic taboo as they were squandering it away, but now, they start dangling the carrot.

Make constant allusions to your childhood

They start constantly alluding to your childhood, once again before your child.

If you can spot your boomer(s) relative(s) doing several of these, and doing these recurrently, you can be sure that their smiles hide something dark. Namely, they are trying to pull your child over so that he’ll have a rosy view of his boomer relatives versus a grimmer view of his own parents.

Grandpa’s cool, grandpa’s always fun to be around, and he always has a story to tell about his “vibrant” youth—before uncool daddy came to the world… oh, and do you know daddy’s voted for the big bad Trump? Here, get yourself another ice cream!

Some may believe I’m a bit paranoid. Frankly, I don’t think so. Most successful boomers are masters of deception, venomous hints, unbound egoism behind huge virtue-signalling, and you never know what they can do. Snatching the Z generation would be but a continuation of boomers’ current policy of attacking “angry young males” and pretending to be wiser, gentler, more tolerant, more altruistic and so on (while bearing none of the costs).

Ultimately, the boomers’ strategy may prove self-defeating. Minorities are aggressive and your children will suffer from them sooner than you did. Likewise, expensive stuff offered to the children means nothing in the long run when mom and dad struggle to pay the bills. In the short run, though, it may.

And rest assured, the boomers and their malevolent female heirs will do anything they can to put all the blame on our shoulders. If they can turn their grandsons or granddaughters into half- or quarter-heirs, heralded with the task of writing the official history books against us, they will.

If you see the signs, depending on your situation, consider the following…

Distancing yourself from boomer relatives

Trying to distance from the boomer relatives. Less of them equals more room for you. As a father, aspiring patriarch and honest red-pilled man, you are the head of the family.

Old rich cucks who supported all the leftist pseudo-causes and aggressive “minorities” against their own and indulged into every blissful compromise to maintain their comfort at the price of their whole civilizations are not legitimate to give advice, much less take decisions. You are the one in charge. Family activities, stories told, food, bedding hour, diaper brands—the decisions are yours.

Never expect a boomer to be generous with no strings attached

They don’t give much, and when they look like they do, they want something in return—not something like passing a genuine legacy but rather personal control, blue-pillism or some other manipulation like those aforementioned. Doesn’t mean you should not accept anything, but you should always be prepared to the day when your parents become something worse than strangers.

Have your own stories

If boomers start pushing a narrative, go into counter-narrative. Tell your children about the inspiring elders of the past. For example, tell them about Cato the Elder—a soldier, a patriarch, a plant-grower, a politician, and most of all someone who was proud to transmit more than he received, or give them some Miyamoto Musashi quotes through a capturing story.

Cato, an elder we can look up to

Raise your children with red pill values

Make them proud to do things—playing, building, doing sports. Give them a sense of family, untill they identify with all those who still embody Western civilization. A child growing this way is much less prone to fall to boomer-sponsored consumerism.

Prepare your children early on

When your children reaches the so-called age of reason, openly tell them that grandpa and grandma cannot be trusted. If you have a son, tell him about boomer daughter worship and how a boomer will never defend him when he gets his face punched by his minority pets. If you have a daughter, tell her about migrant rape. Is this extreme?

Well, children are better off when they are taught to be self-reliant instead of drinking Kool-Aid while watching Sesame Street. Third-world children knowing how to sell stuff in the streets at 10 years old are way more prepared for life than so-called first world children being forced to sit passively eight hours a day, listening to female leftists. NZT 48 from Limitless isn’t real, but early preparation works wonders.

Conscious Westerners must rebuild our civilization. We must take what we can and live autonomously. This starts with living on our own terms, as individuals and as family heads. Our children are our future and our civilization’s future. They are not, and shall never be, the support or the future of someone who does not belong.

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