The red pill has opened so many eyes to the cultural degeneracy and globalist social engineering around us. If there is any downside to the red pill it’s that you sometimes have to question whether you’re seeing a reality or thinking in conspiracy. For example, is Hollywood pushing an agenda to portray white men as weak betas or are so many white men already weak betas that Hollywood is just reflecting that reality? Holding either of those arguments up to scrutiny is the duty of every red pilled man.

While we have to look inward to ask if we are seeing things that aren’t there, we also have to ask if we are still being fooled. When we make decisions or form opinions based on certain assumptions, we have to be willing to question those assumptions. We have to be able to ask if we are still operating from a blue pill mindset. With that in mind here are some common examples of the blue pill mindset I see.

1. Expecting A Long-Term Relationship With A “Good” Woman To Work

One of the most common questions we hear in the manosphere goes something like, “Where can I find a girl worthy of marriage?” Great question. But do you even know what makes a woman a good wife? I’ll give a real-life example.

One of my very best friends is a pretty devout Christian. He’s always wanted a family and avoided hook-ups in favor of relationships. If he wanted to hook up he would have no problem doing it. He’s a winner of physique competitions going from 220 lbs of muscle 10% body fat down to 180 lbs of muscle 2% body fat. He’s a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He doesn’t take shit from anyone including women he dates.

He finally thought he met a good woman at church. They dated. He had a romantic marriage proposal at church. She said yes. He was happy. But she just got accepted to nursing school in another state so he followed her there. They were together and he worked his ass off. After nursing school she got a job. The other girls at her work were the single-and-loving-it type. My buddy’s wife would go out with them and live the Sex and the City lifestyle getting all kinds of male attention (she was easily an 8) all while my buddy was working 60+ hours a week.

She wanted a divorce and it came out later that she cheated on him. Why? Because she worked. Because when he started dating her she already had it in her mind that she was going to work rather than be a loving wife and mother (which is a full time job in itself). He accepted that. On paper she had it all, gorgeous, Christian, soft-spoken, feminine, but in reality she was easily corrupted by the women with whom she worked.

Unfortunately, one of the absolute best guys I know was hurt because he still accepted that his woman can or should work instead of being a wife and mother.


2. Assuming Women Operate From A Moral Code

just another night out with the girls

Looking at that same example for a moment, if women made decisions based on moral codes they would not go out and grind on strange men in the nightclub while their husbands work overtime.

Worldwide, honor codes for women stress loyalty and fidelity. A moral wife is one who is faithful to her husband and family. But the red pill allows us to see that most woman only make moral decisions when social pressure forces them to do so. Women whose actions stem from moral reasoning are rare. The norm for women is to make decisions based on what is socially acceptable.

Women go to the nightclub and grind on strange men if their friends are doing so without any thought of their husbands or boyfriends. Their friends are getting champagne facials and flashing their breasts, therefore it is socially acceptable to also be treated like a sex object by strangers.

Cities are so big that anyone can easily choose the types of people with whom they associate. A good Christian wife can choose to spend her free time with other girls from church or she can go out for cosmos with the real housewives of New Yorks. The former will find slutty behaviors socially unacceptable. The latter will find them empowering.

3. Having A Fear Of Judgment

One of the most popular phrases of the last fifteen years is, “Don’t judge me.” Notice that nobody says this when they’ve done something good. Nobody says “don’t judge me” after they’ve volunteered at the homeless shelter. When you help your friend move and they say thanks, you don’t reply “don’t judge me.” People only say that when they know they are doing something bad but don’t want to be held accountable for it.

In truth, we judge each other all the time, no matter if anyone says not to judge them. The difference is we don’t judge aloud anymore. People might not do those things if it caused public opinion of them to change.

A red pill life style is one in which you are open to other people’s judgment. You can live that life because you make moral decisions that are good for the people in your life, even if they are the hard decisions. The life you lead as a red pilled man should be able to withstand examination. If other worthy men are judging you poorly, you’ll have to examine your life. If you’re still able to hold your head high you should have no problem with the judgment of others. If anything, their judgment can help keep you leading a moral life.

These are just a few examples of blue pill assumptions that could be clouding your thoughts. It takes diligence and self-examination to make sure you’re not falling in to the blue pill mindset, but we are betting for having done it.

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