Sensible nutrition helps to stay fit, but with the increase in big multi-national corporations dominating the food industry with more small farmers going down under, obesity is now a worldwide epidemic. Nearly one-third of Americans are fat, and heart disease, cancer, and obesity related diabetes are rampant. It has become so common that people think it’s a normal part of life. Africa is even seeing historic levels of land blubbers ever since the explosion of fast food chains invading countries like Kenya.

Diet and exercise has been advised by many, but even though 51% of Americans meet the government’s recommendation of aerobic exercise, they are still the largest specimen of homo-sapiens. Big pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers continue to profit, but human health continues to plunder because the “technologically advanced” civilization includes the following dangers…

Chemically Laced Food

Unless you eat organic, you are likely to be exposed to products loaded with artificial ingredients –


Injecting mammalian genes into plant species has not been definitively proven to be safe, but there is counter evidence that shows a problem. With most of the soy and corn in America being owned by Monsanto, the super biotech powerhouse, the challenge becomes harder as some companies don’t even need to label GMO foods.

“Sugarized” Food

Two time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling was opposed to sugar as too much leads to fat gain. However, more beverages and products are being made with refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Processed Meat

Livestock are injected with bovine growth hormones, nitrates, and are fed feed that can contain plastic residues, GMO grains, and meat of other members.

A Mechanical Way Of Life

Cut throat competition in a career focused society has created a population that functions under tension, frustration, and blood pressure due to the following factors…

Sedentary Lifestyle

Modern living has made people accustomed to sitting in front of a computer all day. White collar jobs require work done on an electronic device which emit electromagnetic waves elevating stress. Human beings never adapted to live in such digitally infused environments.

Lack of Sleep

With the economy getting more competitive, more Americans are working harder than anyone else, and it has taken a toll on their health.

Slave Labor

Since Americans are working so much, they are just too tired to eat right and hardy have time to enjoy life, share intimacy, or even just to relax.

News-Induced Depression

Living in this dark age is giving people a lot of stress which negatively effects cortisol levels resulting in fat gain. In men, the belly tends to balloon up, and in women it piles up in the buttocks, legs, and arms.

All of these have collectively created a nation of sick citizens by disrupting their hormones and metabolism. It is done purposely, because the daily wear and tear of the body leads to diseases and bad health habits. This creates a society that’s too worn out to rebel, making it easier for globalists to control them. The scientific community likes to boast about the latest advancements in genome editing, breakthroughs in biotechnology, and how scientists can engineer at the molecular level. However, they have not fixed the obesity epidemic.

Taking Action

Eating organic whenever possible and avoid common problematic foods like soy, corn, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, hydrogenated oils, and high carbohydrate low protein diets are advised.

Sprinting, swimming, kettle-bell swings, and punching/kicking a heavy bag are excellent for melting fat as well as calisthenics for strengthening the abs. Walking in nature, listening to music, dancing, and sitting in quiet helps calm the mind from daily stress. Turn off the TV, don’t associate with people who put gunk in your head, and keep focused on goals.

A friend I used to know was once asked by another about whether or not the meal he was having was organic. His response was, “I make it organic”. Being happy and enjoying your meal in peace of mind can alter its effect on you. Likewise, if you consume food while arguing, or constantly worrying about if it was organically produced and whether or not the farmer was smiling when he packed your apple, you’ll go crazy.

Laugh a lot after your meal, watch a funny show or movie if you have to. Be thankful upon rising and retiring as gratitude has a powerful calming effect. While there are forces in life beyond your control, you have the power to exercise, choose healthy foods, and control how you react to “bad” events.

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