In my earlier years as an upper-secondary school teacher, I made some valuable insights about female nature, socialisation of the coming generation, and intersexual dynamics. I also met some interesting individuals that I still have occasional contact with, at least through social media accounts (a former student is actually my current girlfriend).

One female, now in her mid-20s, in particular serves as an incarnation of the present penis envy and you-go-girl-ism syndrome which penetrate today’s western society. One may actually gain some insights from her decisions and inclinations, especially if those are reflections of broader and deeper aspects of society and culture and not just individual idiosyncracies.

Female narcissism and moderate talent as tools for dominating the androgynocracy

A typical point being underscored by writers in the manosphere is that women are becoming more masculine, and at the same time many men are becoming more feminine, leading to an androgynous society in which women mix female and male characteristics.

While a proper “Yang and Yin” balance might be important for both sexes, unfortunately these types of women tend to take some of the bad with them in the process. Instead of wanting a cock in their vagina, so to speak, they want a penis and a vagina so that they can screw the residues of the decaying patriarchy, while simultaneously being literally smashed by high-value men.

For instance, my previous student is obviously filled with ideas in her head of wanting to become “powerful”, leading to a career in the contemporary media landscape. In a Facebook post she even stressed that she was currently “building an empire”. Recently she also stated that she had moved to Londonistan in order to obtain more influence and enhance her career at a new company.

She is fairly tall, slim, pretty, brighter-than-average, socially competent, and has that sort of chiseled jawline that make her look a bit more like a man. All her major goals in life seemingly resemble those of an ambitious male, but like most other modern women with penis envy she ardently supports you-go-girl liberal feminism and #metoo.

This is the great paradox of Western feminism: wanting to acquire acceptance in a male-dominated world, but at the same time destroy its linchpins, in other words males and the power structures predominantly built and upheld by men.

But they do really just want to get a piece of the pie, some say, leading to a sort of balance or synthesis between traditionalism and feminism through which both sexes can prosper. Then why can almost no feminists except for Camille Paglia accept the irrefutable fact that men, both their bodies and brains, have created almost everything of far-reaching value in the world? Feminists, even the fit ones, do not want to share the cake with men but metaphorically devour it all themselves.


The downsides of penis envy

But being an economically successful female comes with a price. While a young woman gets her fair share of high-value cock, even celebrity dicks (yeah, she has hinted about that too on Facebook), it’s far from a guarantee that they will marry her when she is ready, while dwelling in the liminal time-space between youthful beauty and the ineluctable wall that day by day encroaches upon her hedonistic and narcissistic existence.

While people, according to the assortative mating principle, with similar incomes, looks and social status tend to marry, men care more about beauty and fertility than the size of her wallet.

For instance, currently one of the greatest ice hockey players, the Swede Erik Karlsson, got re-married with a hottie of moderate socioeconomic status (I sincerely hope that he has looked over the contract before signing it, though). It’s often fine that women have some money and work experience, but too much of those ingredients are completely secondary and even obstacles in the longer run.

Most guys would want to put their stick in her

Will most career girls like that become depressed and borderline crazy cat ladies? That depends on how obsessed about their careers they are, but very little indicate that they can become better wives and mothers than modest women, or that they are actually happy to work 50 hours a week or more. Quite the opposite.

If their earned money means something it’s mainly for their own fleeting pleasures, since many women are shopaholics and account for roughly 80% of all consumption. Wealthy men can buy their own goddamn cars, flats, and tropical trips, why a rich and successful lad rarely ponders about his wife’s incomes anyway.

As I see it, there’s very little good that stems from the penis envy phenomenon, at least on a societal scale. Men like us, mostly clustered somewhere in the great middle of the socioeconomic ladder, have a better shot at less career-obsessed and often cuter girls.

If one happens to run into such a creature anyway, she can always pay for the meals or drinks during the brief dating phase. So at least they do not parasitize on the economic system to the same extent as sugar daddy sluts and the ubiquitous lazy welfare trollop. However small, with every downside comes an upside, as the laws of nature constantly tell us.

And, of course, lastly a big good luck in Londonistan from us all here at ROK. It’s a vibrant place indeed.

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