College once was an institution for educating society’s best and brightest to their highest potential. Later, a degree came to be seen as a guaranteed ticket to the middle class. During the 1990s, promoting higher education for the masses became a big effort. That social experiment demonstrated that not just any degree is worthwhile.

Low ROI majors

Well, at least I’m not at home raising precious children. My grandmothers were so oppressed! If only they had the opportunity to file TPS reports all day instead….

There are many articles online about degrees with the lowest return on investment. From “30 Worst Paying College Majors For 2013“, here are the ten least profitable, and their starting salaries:

Many of the above salaries will increase during mid-career, but some less so. Why get deeply indebted for a degree that gets only fifteen bucks an hour, taking years to improve? Further, traditional housewives always have been experts at both culinary arts and child/family studies, even illiterate Bronze Age peasants.

Low opportunity majors

At least studying art history lets you understand how this happened.

For many “soft studies” degrees, there’s a very limited market for new graduates. Career paths for an art history Ph.D. are:

  • Museum curator
  • Art history professor
  • Fivebucks Coffee

How many unfilled job openings at museums requiring Ph.D. knowledge are there? New York City is the Mecca of the American art scene (though say what you will about today’s recent quality). The Big Apple has a few dozen art museums, but in a city of 8.5 million, that’s not quite a gold mine. At the big ones like MoMA and Guggenheim, competition for high-ranking positions must be pretty fierce.

The academic track is competitive too, especially in obscure subjects with questionable social value (like art history) or none (see below). Also, qualified candidates can forget about becoming professors in many faculty departments if they don’t hold the “correct” political views—or at least fake it until tenure.

Women’s studies

The science of turning charming young ladies into brainwashed zombies

What can a feminist do fresh out of college? Career paths for a women’s studies Ph.D. are:

  • Professional activist
  • Women’s studies professor
  • Human resources
  • Fivebucks Coffee

How many feminists does a nation really need to prosper and flourish? Putting it more seriously, professional activism is a dodgy business plan.

Not every Tumblrina can successfully monetize her attitude into a full-time career. The market is already saturated beyond economic viability with feminists (likewise SJWs and White guilt engineers) living on donations. As for foundations, the big-name agitators get rich, but the apparatchiks would do better working productive careers. Finally, why do would-be professional activists need college educations, since having an opinion is all that’s necessary?

Job statistics are rather thin for women’s studies grads, unlike their waistlines. Payscale indicates the most common job is administrative assistant, seven respondents earning an average of $14.81/hour. (A secretary with an attitude—what’s there not to love?) The five respondents who became community outreach coordinators—whatever that means—did somewhat better, at $16.56/hour.


Leftist underwater basket weaving degrees

Trigglypuff was once a normal girl, before she caught the cultural Marxism mind-virus.

Other bullshit degrees include gender studies, GLBT studies, fat studies, among several worthless victimology “studies”. Sociology offers the entire cultural Marxism buffet, but no practical value. (Engineering, medicine, and computing provide useful jobs, but how does learning sociology benefit society? For that matter, can’t you get a thorough education in fat studies by working in a fast food joint?) These “disciplines” are what Harold Bloom called the School of Resentment, a legacy of the Frankfurt School. Academia needs more honest people like Bloom, and fewer postmodernists, critical theory eggheads, and other leftist drips.

Can someone get a middling salary without massive college debt? Garbage collectors earn an average $15.25/hour—better than those feminist secretaries! That doesn’t count extra gravy from overtime. Also, garbage men aren’t stuck with student loans (unless their career plans went awry). Moreover, hauling off trash isn’t a dream job, but this 90% male occupation is certainly necessary to society.

I tried to find stats on gender studies graduates. Apparently there’s no such category, but Payscale’s search engine popped up three janitorial listings (another low-end but necessary job). What’s a gender studies program even about, anyway? The University of Indiana helpfully clarifies this:

The Program promotes a critical, feminist, and cross-cultural understanding of structural inequalities in a local and global context from historical and contemporary perspectives. Students explore the intersections of gender, sexuality, social class, nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, age, and ability. The Program seeks to understand and address how the contributions and experiences of women and other marginalized groups are devalued. Therefore, the Gender Studies Program is active in facilitating and supporting a variety of activities and events concerned with social justice.

Why is getting degree in cultural Marxism worth going into debt? How is it more important than being a truck driver or a welder?

Students need real career counseling

More cost, less value

Choosing worthless majors means huge debts will haunt graduates for years. Congress changed the law to please the banksters (they make hefty “campaign contributions”), so student loans can’t be discharged through normal bankruptcy proceedings. Therefore, the debt millstone keeps accumulating interest, potentially following some graduates to the grave. The colleges and their bloated administrations get filthy rich from this arrangement, and especially the banksters. They’re failing their alumni, but why would they want to fix this?

For the students, buyer beware. Some might laugh at a “Generation Snowflake” kid for believing a $120K salary would result from a doctorate dissertation about institutionalized oppression of Muslim Elvis impersonators, or intersectional perspectives on lesbian ninjas. These naïve, Blue Pilled youths let themselves get scammed, but those selling them empty dreams are the most blameworthy.

Although they seldom have much experience with work, budgeting, or managing debt, students entering college make a life-changing decision, for better or for worse. They need a cost/benefit analysis for an informed choice. Cigarettes have warning labels, because cancer and COPD are kind of a drag. In that spirit, students need warnings about the financial risks they’re incurring.

Prior to enrollment, colleges should have freshmen review information about outcomes for their chosen majors. (If there’s insufficient data for statistical relevance, an aggregate of similar colleges will do.) That should include information from surveys of recent graduates, tracking annual outcomes through at least five years, concerning items like these:

  • Annual income
  • Job situation (unemployed, part time, full time)
  • How long it took to find work
  • What types of businesses hired them
  • Their actual job descriptions
  • Their living situation

Students should also be told the following up front:

  • Average completed degree cost
  • Projected monthly student loan payments
  • Projected interest added by payoff
  • How long it will take to pay, given anticipated income and living expenses

Before committing to a major, students would get a realistic financial forecast. If a four year leftist propaganda degree probably means living in Mom’s basement, flipping burgers part time, and $80K (before interest) in student loans, they might choose a real major instead.

Now take action

We need your participation.

Imagine fewer kids becoming brainwashed SJWs. Imagine women’s studies departments as empty as the Harvey Weinstein Charm School. Let’s do this. Write your politicians—if even 10% of you request mandated disclosures necessary for an informed career choice, it could get some serious discussion in Congress at the very least.

Leftist professors now on the gravy train will howl with rage, but that’s their problem.

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