The Western world is changing in irreparable ways. The period between World War II and September 2001 appears to be the tail end of a belle epoque that we will not see again. If you are under the age of fifty the world you die in will be unrecognisable from the one of your childhood.

1. What Is Now Perverted Will Be Considered Normal

Twenty-first century Westerners exist in a lusty haze of perversion and sexual hedonism. This will continue as more taboos are broken. Socially cohesive norms such as heterosexuality and family will be sacrificed for base sexual experimentation.

It will soon be considered passe for young men to identify as straight, and they will forced to score themselves on a deliberately obtuse sexual spectrum  The nails will finally be driven into the coffin of the nuclear family, as unrestrained sexual imperatives for both men and women make stable marriage impossible.

2. Women Will Be Allowed To Run The Western World

It appears that globalists are hell bent on creating a matriarchy in Western Europe and North America. The elite will achieve this by further neutering men and their ability to lead. It has been observed that testosterone levels in the United States have been steadily decreasing for generations, and with rising obesity, porn addictions and estrogen rich chemicals on the rise this trend will only continue.

Traditional male sexuality will be considered a hate crime, and approaching women in a romantic way may become illegal.  Game will be less focused on weak men improving their sexual opportunities and more about elite females selecting alpha males.

3. Socialism Will Take A Greater Hold Of The United States

To a certain extent, liberals were caught sleeping in 2016. Their harridan candidate Hillary Clinton gambled on gender politics and failed. While this was an enjoyable victory for conservatives it is merely a stay of execution for traditional American values. The same elite who began the destructive process of cultural Marxism in the West are still in place, and have a brainwashed plebiscite to carry out their whims.

By 2020, if Trump has not been assassinated or displaced, a populist candidate will be carefully selected with the right credentials to inspire the indoctrinated masses (possibly a black woman such as Oprah or a pretty soy boy like Trudeau). Expect higher levels of forced immigration and integration, along with even more kooky human rights legislation.

4. Racial Unrest Will Reach Breaking Point

Intelligent people know that multiculturalism is a fable invented by well meaning professors and middle class hippies, and does not take into account the reality of human nature. The integrated society we see today is tenuously held together by…

  • Clever propaganda from the media, positioning minorities as salubrious characters and alpha males
  • Life changing penalties for anyone who disagrees with a multicultural agenda

2017 saw the some of the most sustained violence for generations, and the outlook for the future is bleak. Rather than the cohesive society espoused by left wing dreamers, a divided, partisan communities will form around various movements, and inner cities will become warzones similar to Belfast in the 70’s.

5. The End Of Freedom Of Speech

In 2017 google quietly began the process of ending freedom of expression on the internet. Using Charlottesville as an excuse to impose their morality on the entire world, Google (along with other institutions such as YouTube and Facebook) began blocking, censoring or taking down sites that did not conform to leftist thinking.

Worryingly, these were not only controversial entities such as Stormfront, but quieter voices such as Black Pigeon, whose relatively moderate outlook is backed up by well researched statistical evidence. Even Return Of Kings has been placed on the Southern Law Center watchlist. Enjoy the freedom to read articles such as this while you can.


6. Beta Males Will Become Sexual Non Entities

Beta males are already an endangered species, and they will be likely off the radar of any women under thirty in the near future. As women are allowed to give free reign to their vaginal tingles while being able to provide for themselves, beta males will become irrelevant outside of caring for children of alpha widows.

It is not inconceivable that in 30 years time we see lifelong virginity becoming the norm for vast swathes of men. Sex robots are already being developed to solve this problem.

Competition for the top ten percent of men will become greater, while the rewards for that status will be higher, leaving beta males in the knackers yard and chads in the clouds.

7. The Millennial Takeover Will Cause A Crisis

The real beginning of the end for America will be the millennial takeover approximately scheduled for 2025.

Despite bullish assertions that millennials will bring a new age of prosperity, the opposite is true. The self entitlement that defines millennials is not born in the battle scars of experience, but through a life of ease and comfort. An easy, no consequences upbringing has given them a lack of accountability that is unsustainable in the real world.

While they talk a good game, millenials do not have the backbone to stand up to pressure and scrutiny, and they will crack like an icy pond on a spring day. Safe spaces won’t mean anything when militia groups are shooting AK47’s at the white house, and weak Trudeau clones will be outmaneuvered by hardened leaders from Russia and China. Expect this to be a defining moment in western history.

8. Voluntary Euthanasia Will Become Legalised

While climate change is the tin foil hat choice of the moment, it is overpopulation that will see civilisation brought to its knees.

In Western Europe, resources are already at breaking point, and immigrants can only use once great nations as a well so many times before the water runs dry. Eventually a critical mass will be reached, and governments will panic into action, offering incentives for the aged to end their life.

While it seems outlandish to expect this to be taken up with any enthusiasm, it would also have been ridiculous thirty years ago to think that school children would be encouraged to choose their gender from a list of 23. Never underestimate the power of brainwashing to encourage the witless to do the ridiculous.

9. Islam Will Become The Dominant Culture Of Western Europe

With Western birth rates are at a critical level, it is inevitable that Islam will become the dominant culture in Europe. I fully expect that the milquetoast mass that passes for modern Christianity will be eaten up like unleavened bread by stronger and more devoted Muslims.

In its place a more autocratic society will form. It will likely be the end of feminism in its current fashion (you can forget the carousel ladies), and polygamy will become the norm. Judeo Christian culture will be assimilated into a Sharia Law imposed Eurasian superstate.


I hope that I am wrong with my predictions, but I fear at least some of them will come to fruition.  Try not to despair. It isn’t over til the fat lady sings, and right now she is too busy eating.

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