Last week I was thrown a big curve ball. I hate to be vague, but one of my family members is having a problem that I want to help him or her with. Things could stabilize in one month, or it could go on for much longer, meaning that I’ve mentally prepared myself to move back to Washington DC. I’m already back in the United States as you read this.

In the beginning of Roosh Live #11, I describe coming back (there is a sound problem until 1:03)…

I expect two changes. The first is fewer YouTube live streams, at least for the next few weeks until I figure out a new setup. The second is more meetups. I plan to hold at least one happy hour in Washington DC. If my stay in the States is long-term, I may do them in other parts of the country.


Until the family situation stabilizes, I will try to maintain two residences, one in the DC area and one in Europe. If that’s not possible, I will close the chapter on my European adventures, which started in 2011, and begin a new one back in America.

Lastly, since I no longer have to conceal where I am, I plan on updating my Instagram more often with local happenings. You can follow me at kingroosh.

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