The big news over the weekend in the alternative media is the sudden, unexpected arrest of American YouTube host Brittany Pettibone and her boyfriend, Austrian nationalist Martin Sellner, by U.K. immigration. Pettibone and Sellner were detained on Friday when they attempted to enter the country to interview British nationalist figure Tommy Robinson and deliver speeches to a nationalist event. They were subsequently imprisoned without charge for two days, then deported to Austria on Sunday.

Pettibone and Sellner were told that they were being detained due to the latter’s membership in the “right-wing group” Defend Europa, a nationalist organization that seeks to prevent globalist NGOs from trafficking non-white migrants from Africa to Europe. Pettibone was also told that she was being denied entry due to her intent to interview Robinson, whom U.K. immigration libelously referred to as a “far-right leader” who “incite[s] racial hatred.”

Not long after Pettibone and Sellner were deported, Canadian nationalist YouTuber Lauren Southern was also arrested and imprisoned when she attempted to enter the U.K. via a bus from France. Southern was denied entry due to the fact that she had “distribut[ed] racist material” during her visit last month: this “material” was satirical flyers that declared that “Allah is a Gay God.”

The fact that the U.K. government now deems relatively moderate figures such as Pettibone and Southern to be criminals is deeply worrying in and of itself. The U.K. is now the most tyrannical nation in Europe, contrary to the left’s fulminations about the “authoritarianism” of eastern states like Russia and Hungary. Just as importantly, what happened to Pettibone and Southern has exposed deep fissures within the alt lite, as the latter is now beefing with Mike Cernovich.

The Emptiness At The Heart Of The Alt Lite

Cernovich and Southern began feuding over the weekend when he criticized her for “e-celebing” over Pettibone’s imprisonment because she broadcast a Periscope about what happened. In Cernovich’s view, Southern and other supporters of Pettibone’s should have been trying to “hire a lawyer” or “go to [the U.S.] embassy.”

Southern fired back, pointing out the fact that Cernovich does Periscope videos often whereas she rarely if ever does them. Southern also specified that Pettibone had told her she was doing okay but asked Southern to get the word out.


As of right now, the feud has subsided a bit, with Southern’s own arrest and deportation from the U.K. taking priority over Cernovich’s beefing. However, the fact that this conflict even happened to begin with is proof that the alt lite may be a shaky political movement.

The alt lite (or “New Right,” as they prefer to call themselves) emerged from the schism in the alt right caused by the “Heilgate” incident. At the National Policy Institute’s conference in November 2016, Daily Shoah host Mike Enoch led the audience in a Nazi salute at the conclusion of Richard Spencer’s speech, which was filmed and put online by fake news media outlets in attendance. Shortly thereafter, Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, Paul Joseph Watson, and other major alt media figures denounced the alt right.

The central problem the alt lite has is that it lacks a consistent ideology or reason for existing. The alt right, whatever its faults, has a concrete belief system: white identity and nationalism. The alt lite is essentially a dumping ground for figures who are too edgy for mainstream conservatism but not edgy enough for the alt right. As a result, it lacks its own center of gravity and is constantly being torn apart by the voluminous egos of its leaders.

The infamous “dueling rallies” incident that occurred last June is a prime example of what is wrong with the alt lite. Laura Loomer and Jack Posobiec had been slated to speak at a “Freedom of Speech Rally” in Washington, D.C., but pulled out after learning that Richard Spencer was also a featured speaker. Instead, with the help of Mike Cernovich, they held an opposing “Rally Against Political Violence.”

Anarcho-Tyranny In The U.K.

It’s clear from Pettibone’s, Sellner’s, and Southern’s treatment that foreigners to the right of Karl Marx are no longer welcome in the U.K. While this is not the first time that high-profile dissident right figures have been banned from the U.K.—both Richard Spencer and ROK’s own Roosh V have been banned in the past—this is the first time that dissident right-wingers have been treated in such a manner by British authorities.

It’s worth noting that at the same time that figures like Pettibone are being forcibly deported from the U.K., British Muslims are allowed to join ISIS—an act of treason under British law—and return to the U.K. without a question asked. Indeed, more British Muslims are serving in ISIS’ armed forces than in the British military, yet Theresa May regards moderate YouTubers like Pettibone and Southern as a bigger threat to public order.

The crackup between Mike Cernovich and Lauren Southern also suggests that the alt lite is on its last legs. In the time since it separated from the alt right, it has failed to establish an identity of its own, and the unstable temperaments of its major figures are undermining its credibility. It is likely that the alt lite will dissolve entirely in the coming year as its leaders return to the alt right, join the left or cuckservatives, or drop out of politics entirely.

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