Generally, I recommend that men try to unplug from mainstream culture as much as possible, but as a writer for ROK, I feel it is my responsibility to pay attention to what the elites want us to believe. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to watch the Academy Awards. When it comes to leftist brainwashing, the Oscars never disappoint and the 2018 Oscars were no exception. The message of this year’s Oscars is that the left is going to escalate their culture war against traditional men.

The purpose of the Oscars

I picked the two best looking actresses at the awards: Gal Gadot and Margot Robbie.

In a sane world, the Oscars would have two purposes: 1) To hype movies to sell more tickets, and 2) To serve as a platform for the movie industry to award high achievers within its ranks. To achieve these goals, the Academy Awards show should primarily be entertaining so that more people would watch the ceremonies. However, it turns out that the high ranking members of the Academy have another goal that conflicts with the first goal of making money.

This third goal is to instruct viewers in how they should live their lives. The great Hollywood masters seriously believe that they are wiser than you. And because of this lofty wisdom they imagine they have the duty to tell you how to vote, what issues you should care about, and even what is right and what is wrong. The approach that the Academy Awards take to convey their message is not subtle: they used almost every segment to browbeat their audience on political correctness.

The Hollywood elite are so hell-bent on educating us, the great unwashed masses, that they have even been willing to lose viewers rather than tone down the pontification. This year’s broadcast of the Oscars got the lowest viewer rating in history.

The messages

In the 2017 telecast of the Oscars, the main target was Donald Trump. For whatever reason, the Hollywood elites are terrified by the president. Unfortunately for them, half the country happens to like the president so the Oscars lost lots of viewers. This year, the ceremonies toned down the direct Trump-bashing, but behind every political message, and there were a lot of them, there was a barb intended for Trump. Here are the marching orders from our self-appointed overlords.

Hollywood perverts

It is no secret that Hollywood is rife with all sorts of perversion. Becoming an actor carries potentially big rewards in terms of fame and fortune, and many young men and women are willing to sell their souls and bodies to attain it. Producers, directors, and other powerful Hollywood types are more than happy to prey upon these people who are willing to trade their dignity for a shot at the silver screen. It is also no secret that big Hollywood players like Harvey Weinstein used their wealth and power to cover up even actual crimes such as rape.

In his opening monologue, Jimmy Kimmel treats Weinstein’s expulsion from Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as the only thing Hollywood had to do to clean up its pervert problem. Instead, Kimmel shifted the blame to wider American society indicating the sexual harassment of women is pervasive. This is Hollywood’s modus operandi in action: absolve itself for its wrongdoing while simultaneously projecting that wrongdoing upon innocent Americans.

Inciting war between men and women

Notice how I mentioned that both men and women had been the victims of Hollywood perverts but how Kimmel turned it into an issue of male sexual harassment of women. The so-called oppression of women was another big theme of this year’s Oscars. Again, the agitation started right from the beginning with Kimmel’s monologue and continued all throughout the ceremonies:

Greta Gerwig is the first woman to be nominated for director in eight years. And that’s important. Only 11 percent of movies are directed by women. And that is nuts. We still have a very long way to go in that department, and a very long way to go when it comes to equal pay. Especially when you look at what happened with Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams. We all know the story. Mark Wahlberg was paid a million-and-a-half dollars to reshoot his scenes while Michelle Williams for her reshoots got a per diem. She was paid 80 dollars a day for the same thing. And what made it especially unfair is that Mark and Michelle are represented by the same agency. And I have to admit, this story really surprised me. This one shook me, because if we can’t trust agents, who can we trust?

Could the discrepancy be explained by the fact that Wahlberg is a much bigger box office draw rather than Williams being a woman? In Hollywood land, you are are not permitted to ask those types of questions.

Open borders

Hollywood loves, loves, loves open borders. This year they had Black Panther start Lupita Nyong’o and some Pakistani guy presented an award for makeup. It just happened (totally not coordinated) that both of them are immigrants and they took the time state that they were Dreamers.

Technically speaking, Dreamers are the children of illegal immigrants who came to the US from Central America while they were children. Presumably, both Nyong’o and the Pakistani guy came to the US legally so they are not Dreamers, but the Oscars are counting on you not knowing that. This was a direct swipe at Trump who has threatened to pull Obama’s policy of not enforcing the law.

Diversity is our strength

Nothing beats the Oscars heavy-handed approach to promoting diversity. From the beginning to the end of the ceremonies, I had the dire necessity of diversity drummed into my skull. One of the most interesting examples of this was Frances McDormand’s acceptance speech which pushed the idea of all actors putting in inclusion riders into their contracts requiring movies to have more on-screen diversity. The goal being to eliminate all traces of straight white males from the movies and society as a whole.


As always, it is good to do the exact opposite of what the elites want you to do. The elites want to incite a war between men and women? Make peace with women. Love your girlfriend or your wife. You are the captain. Make her your first mate and embark on an adventure together to live counter to our degenerate culture. Is Hollywood preaching open borders? Use their own creation against them—imitate the fictional nation of Wakanda and help your own countrymen first before trying to help the world.

And while you are doing the opposite of what Hollywood wants you to do, remember that it is your hard earned money that is going to fund this destruction of your way of life. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to stop giving them your money. Avoid going to movies and renting movies. If it sounds impossible to you, it is an indication how conditioned you are. Instead, dedicate your free time to reading old books, improving yourself, and building your family.

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