Globalists, liberals, progressives, feminists, leftists, no borders, pro-choice, LGBT activists, SJWs, political correctness, multiculturalism—all these terms relate to the same ideology: the cosmopolitanism. We must use and spread the right term to target this ideology at its heart, instead of separately attacking its different avatars, like the multiple heads of the Hydra.

The true alternative

Achilles (Troy). If you don’t see what’s wrong you are a cosmopolitan.

The key alternative in politics nowadays is identitarianism versus cosmopolitanism (which is a sub-level of the right vs left alternative). The fast expansion of the globalization that has been occurring since the 90s seems to be at the heart of this alternative. The cosmopolitanism (from cosmos and politês—“world citizen” in Greek), introduced by Diogenes 2350 years ago, is now at the 21st century the dominant ideology in the Western world.

Our identities are increasingly threatened by a new global model that emerged and is promoted by massive amounts of propaganda. By “identities” we mean:

1. The national identity

The nation state model is attacked by the globalists who are trying to replace it by a global “governance.” They work on the international relations scene to weaken the power and the sovereignty of the nation states and increase the power of transnational organizations which they control.

2. The cultural identity

There would be more easily a global governance acceptance if a global mainstream culture would pre-exist. Therefore local cultures worldwide are strongly influenced by a global model made from the worst of the American culture. The predominance of the English language or the Hollywood movie industry is a part of it.

3. The racial identity

Political correctness can’t admit the existence of different races within the homo sapiens species. Until the eventual dilution of the racial identities or local ethnic groups as a result of massive immigration and racial mixing, we are being told by the media that races do not exist, despite the fact that we should still consider that some “lives matter” more than others.

Merkel’s sick ambition

4. The sexual identity

The fact that we are either a man or a woman and the biological influence it has on us is denied by the promoters of gender theory. Their aim is to generate the perception that the panel of the possible sexual or gender identities is so vast, arbitrary, reversible and versatile, that they do not really exist or are meaningless.

5. History and heredity

We are our ancestors. The European roots, myths, and history are becoming systematically denied or falsified in the media and in the education system to match the contemporary cosmopolitan agenda. On the biological level, we see the premises of a dystopian future into the promotion of assisted reproductive technologies, attacks against the family model, child adoption by homosexuals, and transhumanism.

The global man is a man without past. Moreover, he may not even be a human being, as pro-abortion activists tend to claim already.

We see that the denial of identity is at the heart of the latent propaganda spread by the mainstream media and meta-political activists.

The subversion

Cosmopolitans at an advanced level

The cosmopolitan utopia is a unified empty world where there is neither real group identity nor heritage but only individuals, each one unique and different superficially, but deeply equal to each other. Its appearance of chaotic diversity masks its real uniformity, since the attributes of the diversity are so diluted and mixed that they can not really relate to any group (except promoted through meaningless groups like the LGBT community, obese, disabled people, or diverse fetishists). Ultimately, the cosmopolitan’s aim is to be nothing more than himself and his unrestricted desires.


To push their mentality into people’s mind, they try to subvert the traditional values by different means:

The subversion of beauty

Classical art used to research beauty. Its inspiration often came from nature, myths, religion, history, or from the observation of human societies. Even ideologies like communism and fascism still promoted positive values like heroism into their artistic representations.

Like other dominant ideologies, the cosmopolitanism has an official art, sponsored and used to spread its propaganda (the bulk of contemporary art). But instead of expressing beauty or positive values, it either expresses nothing or negative values like weird sexuality. It’s an empty, ugly, and immoral art for dark decadent ages, heading to the mental prostration and the corruption of the masses (beside its promoters’ lucre).

This was banned from a museum due to feminist considerations.

This was exposed in a historical area, and promoted like a piece of art.

The subversion of morals and ethics

Individuals are induced to focus on themselves, regardless of any other consideration. For example, TV series like Vikings or Games of Throne are a popular way to subvert a sane base (history or heroic fantasy) in order to normalize the most deviant sexual behaviors and immorality. Consumerism is celebrated permanently, even when it results in selfishness and less empathy for other people.

Previously unacceptable transgressions like pedophilia are becoming indirectly advocated by tendentious representations in the media. Cowardliness and submission are taught (notably relatively to the invasion of Europe) in parallel of the will to enjoy and “celebrate” the global Carnival.

The subversion of truth

Relativism is rampant in the West. We are not authorized by political correctness to judge or hierarchize different identities, opinions, or behaviors based on universal arguments (e.g., “being fat is unhealthy”). And if we base it from our legitimate moral or identitarian point of view, it’s still rejected in the name of the sacredness of the individual.

This is the way the global superclass and its army of zombified slaves are destroying the West. There is no doubt that, after the cosmopolitan ideology have eventually fallen, its devastating impact will mark deeper and more durably our societies than communism did in the countries it ruled.

How to react

Until the direction of the wind really changes, we can prepare ourselves by learning about our roots and identity, and be ready to defend it. A basic knowledge of history is enough to destroy most of the cosmopolitan assertions. We must retrieve essential moral values. Inspiration should be found in examples of beauty, grandeur, righteousness, heroism, but not money, misplaced hedonism, or the cult of the victims. We must cultivate ourselves and identify the dominating groups that have interest into the destruction of the West by promoting the cosmopolitanism. We have to realize that the West would die if it would not be a European civilization anymore.

We must also confront other people, speak to those who can be convinced and disapprove the others, without hiding our ideas. Cosmopolitanism is based on Orwellian lies. To destabilize it, say the raw truth whenever possible, without using the adversary’s language made to mask reality (illegal immigrant not “refugee”, race not “skin color”, conformist not “politically correct”, cosmopolitan not “liberal”). Trump’s attitude regarding the media during his campaign may be an example. Favor the group instead of individualism, as a strategy of empowerment. Learn how to fight and use weapons, for self-defense and for duty, and wait for the leaders.

The author’s views are inspired in particular by Henry de Lesquen’s ideas.

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