Traditional aggression involves things like someone walking up and offering to rearrange your face. Someone must be physically imposing to do so. However, there are ways wimps can push people around too. Further, one needn’t even be rich or powerful to act oppressively and mess with other people’s lives.

Generally this involves recruiting others to do the dirty work for them. If they’re backed by an entire ideology, better yet. Here are some of those ways.

Frivolous lawsuits

“I just billed my clients for 160 hours of my research on their cases. Not bad for a week’s work!”

It’s so old that barratry—the technical term for vexatious litigation—is from Middle English. I’ve covered proxy violence before, but this time it goes deeper. Groundless lawsuits use the instrument of the state and powerful to deprive people of their property and livelihood.

Meanwhile, defending oneself can be financially ruinous. The lawyers on both sides get tidy profits. They’re paid hourly; that’s why lawsuits drag on for months or even years, and funny money billing is notorious. For penniless plaintiffs, attorneys may also agree to a percent of the plunder, perhaps 35%.

Another Anglo-Norman word relating to judicial abuse is champerty. That basically means an uninvolved third party meddling in someone else’s case as an investment opportunity. Today, there’s a new twist. Judicial advocacy groups and alphabet soup “watchdog” outfits specialize in suing politically incorrect defendants.

Recent frivolous lawsuits include several wedding cake cases, the first unintended consequence of gay marriage. Bakeries have been sued for declining to produce wedding cakes for same-sex couples. An Oregon bakery had to pay $135K, a sum far exceeding even a bridezilla wedding. (Likely their own legal defense tab was quite a chunk of change!) A Colorado baker also received SJW mobbing and even death threats, but he’s fighting the ACLU-sponsored litigation all the way to the Supreme Court. It’s scheduled for June 2018; soon we’ll discover what the Constitution says about gay wedding cakes.

So bakeries like these face lawsuits that could ruin them, leaving their employees jobless. That’s rotten; small businesses are a pillar of a healthy economy. Some might argue that following one’s conscience isn’t where the “smart money” is, but people like Thomas More suffered far worse for adhering to religious principles. Undoubtedly SJWs cackle about this, thinking the bakers are getting what they deserve. The “rights” groups love putting business owners in this dilemma. Who’s the oppressor here?

Human resources

“That joke you told six months ago made someone feel ‘uncomfortable’.”

HR departments are a convenient make-work boondoggle for those with degrees in sociology, women’s studies, or some other underwater basket weaving major. A comment to our earlier article speaks volumes. A guy in his 40s was interviewing to be an estimator for a metal fabricator, and then:

The early 20s HR girl stared out the window (during the brief and time wasting interview) like a schizophrenic on psychotropic meds in the drooling academy, grunted like an animal in response when I succinctly answered her silly and impertinent questions, then threw my resume at me and bounced it off my head, and screamed “you’re not qualified for this position, and you’ve wasted my time”! Wait a minute, I replied to a job posting ad, and you called me in for an interview! I leaned forward, gave her a glaring stare, picked up my resume, and walked out the door. But that didn’t end it. She followed me out into the lobby, screaming like an unhinged banshee!… So this is what feminism and diversity has given us in the workplace!

Why did she think it’s appropriate to make animal noises, throw things, and have a temper tantrum? Did this chick barely into chronological adulthood even understand how to evaluate his technical qualifications?

What do HR droids do, besides push papers and play Minesweeper? They vet new candidates, acting as gatekeepers. Whether a company gets the talent they need, or a jobless guy will be able to pay his bills, is all in their hands. They also prevent flirting, and even an innocuous remark like “nice dress” can ruin someone.

A feminist fresh out of college can wield tremendous power. She controls the economic livelihood of others much older and more experienced, who actually do the work. Power used capriciously or maliciously causes incalculable lost productivity and morale problems.


The gender bender agenda

Whoever talked that kid into this deserves waterboarding.

If I called myself a tree, you might ask if I’d taken my meds. If I called myself a Filipino, you’d be right to recommend getting over my ethno-masochism and learning something about my own culture. If I called myself a woman, then (according to some) you’re a hater if you disagree. Notice the framing tactic—supposedly now you’re the one with the problem!

Somehow this mental illness became the latest trendy civil rights crusade. Trannies were a fringe group within a fringe group, but very quickly became the cause-du-jour. If I were a big cynic, I might wonder if their massive surge of media support was about getting the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street off the headlines before too many people got clued in about how our economy is managed.

The libertarian path of least resistance is to let people believe whatever silly things they want, and everyone else can have their own viewpoints. Unfortunately, delusion often clashes with reality. Worse, modern liberalism tries to force everyone else to go along with whatever their agenda is at the moment.

Are trannies merely doing their own thing; just “being different”? Their agenda is promoted aggressively in the schools, the media, and even the military (the wrong place for social engineering experiments). Sports teams—even the Olympics—must cater to them. Allowing “chicks with dicks” into women’s bathrooms became a turbulent debate, actually taken seriously by legislatures nationwide. Not wanting to bang them is now “narrow-minded”. Using “incorrect” pronouns is penalized.

Trannies are basically neurotic weaklings, merely three thousandths of the population (0.3%), yet demand that the public must accept their version of reality. They’re being enabled by the media, liberal politicians, and other useful idiots who want to create a unisex world. Seldom has a tiny minority thrown its weight around like this, or displayed as much chutzpah. The tail does not wag the dog.

Other tactics

Mattress Girl lied because she got dumped

We’ve covered false rape accusations frequently, so I’ll be brief. This has happened since forever, usually for revenge. Lately, it’s also done for morning-after buyer’s remorse, attention-seeking, and several other reasons. Merely an unfounded lie can destroy someone’s reputation, or even unleash the instrument of the state to imprison someone wrongly.

Online mobbing is a new abuse of power. Some green-haired Tumblrina reads something he/she/it doesn’t like, doxes the target, then emails hundreds of other SJWs. Soon, the target’s company is bombarded with messages exhorting them to fire him. Details about his home address, personal life, and family are posted online. Those doing so don’t know him, often living thousands of miles away. Most never read what he actually wrote in context; merely someone else’s commentary is all they need to attempt to destroy him for exercising free expression.

One could argue that at least passive aggressive misuse of power isn’t real aggression. True, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t real-world effects. In fact, getting one’s face rearranged is preferable to these consequences. Still, the horde of crybullies should take heed that pushing too much is unwise.

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