Cities in the once Golden State of California have already been colonized by illegal aliens to smuggle drugs, conduct gang formations, and perform other criminal behavior. Many assume that living away from border states protects them from the racket, but with the recent changes in government, the East Coast is on track to becoming just like the West or even worse.

New York is one of the most corrupt states in America, full of foreign students and migrants who manipulate the system. These same “Bennies” fresh from NYU Law have done the same in Florida during their Winter vacations, and now the Sunshine State is flooded with illegal Cuban immigrants and globalist liberal policies.

The Jersey Shore however, may now become the next safe haven for illegal immigrants as newly selected governor, Phil Murphy, declared that he wants to turn it into a sanctuary state with a ‘Defense Protection’ agency dedicated to illegal immigrants. He also recently signed an executive order for Puerto Rico relief even though the state is already in debt.

Who is Murphy?

He is another graduate of the Poison-Ivy-League brigade, and prior to taking office, he made a lot of money at Goldman Sachs. This former financier basically bought his way to office, paying $20 million of his own money as “donations” to county Democratic parties. There are a lot of shady things about him like having a 501(C)(4) to supposedly fight for the middle class and a Wikileaks email scandal. Upon assuming his role as governor, he has already directed the ferry on a course that will lead to destruction.

He Brought Back Planned Parenthood

Murphy revived the baby-killers from the dead by reversing a bill that restores $7.5 million dollars in funds, and now Medicaid can pay for Planned Parenthood. Murphy stated, “I don’t have to tell you all that today has certainly been a long time coming. New Jersey will once again stand strong for Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights.”

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, thanked him for his “lightning speed” in passing the bill.

He Wants A $15 Minimum Wage


Hundreds of Rutgers protesters blocked traffic in New Brunswick, NJ, calling for an increase in wages to $15/hr even after the university increased the wages for student jobs to $11/hr the previous semester. Spoiled millennials still want the government to pay for their education, provide free health care, and now pay them premium for campus jobs such as library attendants, front desk reps, campus guides, and residential assistants even though these positions do not require skills or much competence.

Phil Murphy, has expressed his intention of increasing the minimum wage, but this will be a complete economic disaster according to an NJ based financial expert.

He Wants A Bank Of New Jersey

He believes a “State-owned bank” in New Jersey is better than letting people move their wealth freely. According to him, it would help stop money from going offshore and put it back into the people. Murphy said it would partner with the community and would not be a competitor, but creating such a thing would give politicians complete access to the state’s financial resources and freely direct it where ever and however they please. Getting their hands on Municipal funds would put the state in even more trouble and give policy makers an unfair advantage.

Self-made entrepreneurs like to diversify, but this proposed state controlled banking system would prevent them from doing so. If Murphy is so adamant about stopping money being parked offshore, he should start with Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, who was one of the 500 schools caught hiding millions in foreign bank accounts.

New Jersey Is likely To Go Down Under

Things don’t look good for the Garden State as it currently leads the country in foreclosures. Crime is rampant, the roads resemble third world nations, and the economy has plummeted with college graduates unable to secure high salary jobs. New Jersey is also one of the highest taxed states in the U.S., especially for business owners. Aside from casinos, call-girls, and beaches, there is very little to attract visitors or investors.

What Murphy is doing will make his predecessors look like angels, because the state simply can’t afford his socialist style policies. So, if you’re looking for your next vacation getaway, don’t go to Jersey, or at least keep it brief and minimal.

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