Recently at the RVF, someone posted a link to an AMA from a man who’s banged 100 hookers. Naturally, being a forum dedicated to the pursuit of game, most men were already skeptical to the idea of paying for sex. Longtime member Fisto voiced what many players believe:

paying for sex is one of the worst things you can ever do for you inner game/self esteem. A girl is sleeping with you as her part of a transaction, not for any real affection or even kind of liking you. If you do this, a little piece of you dies.

And yet, some RVF regulars were swayed in favor of P4P (pay for play):

The guy at the AMA would say, “Why do you need to have a woman validate your worth by sleeping with you? Who cares if a woman likes you if you get what you want (sex) out of it?”

If a man’s self-worth is wrapped up in whether a woman is having sex for him out of “affection” or “liking,” then isn’t he giving women far too much power?

Fisto responds:

I read it and I would ask him “Do you feel good about yourself when you are dishonest? Do you feel good about yourself when you don’t do something you know you should? Do you feel good about yourself when you blame someone else for something even if no one finds out?”

Those things are independent of outsiders opinion of you. Fucking a girl because you paid her doesn’t matter to the girl, but it should matter to a man that wants to master himself and grow.


He can say that all he wants, but if I looked into the dull listless eyes of some whore laying under me pretending to enjoy sex so that I’ll cum soon and she can get to the next john I’d feel terrible about myself, and that’s from an internal point of view independent from any external opinion.

MikeCF rejoins:

He pays with money. You pay with time spent in the gym, time spent seducing a woman, time spent out where nothing happens (sunk costs that have to be factored in to the “cost” of a bang), time spent exchanging game times/learning game, a bar tab here and there.

I don’t do p4p and never have, but the man makes solid points and he completely changed my view on the subject.

Everyone pays. It’s just a question of the currency you’re using and the cost.

The thread continues and the debate rages on. I throw in my two cents comparing hookers to sophisticated sex toys; in principle, there is no real difference between a fleshlight and a prostitute. I think it should be obvious that there is a qualitative difference between P4P and seducing a girl to fall for you.

Yet, there is something to be said to having a high quality orgasm with minimal effort involved. Time is the most precious resource, and using a ho to save time has its advantages.

What do you think? Is this a subjective debate that varies between men? Or is P4P objectively as much of a loser habit as sitting in your room masturbating all the time? Although prostitution is usually debated in terms of whether or not it hurts women, rarely do people inquire how men feel about the subject.

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