Although their pussy pass has eroded somewhat, pregnant women who abuse their children by drinking, smoking, and taking drugs are still not being shamed appropriately. They are repugnant individuals who either excuse their child abuse or ignore it. Their behavior is on par with sexual abusers. One could argue such actions are even worse, given the risk of lifetime physical disability and/or mental retardation facing children whose mothers engaged in prenatal substance abuse.

Whilst the tiniest alcohol consumption is not necessarily worthy of criminal sanction, the misuse of alcohol and any use of smoking products or narcotics by pregnant women is a conscious decision to abuse a child and inflict needless misery on them. It should always be punished with jail terms. Doctors are now warning about accidental damage caused by women drinking, with any consumption of alcohol regarded by many professionals as too much when pregnant.

“My body, my choice” is a flimsy argument at the best of times, but even more so when a child is born with irreparable damage and suffering after the selfishness of an abusive pregnant woman. These “parents” are not fit to be mothers and must have their children taken away from them for the rest of their lives.

If a woman’s child gets fetal alcohol syndrome or a comparable condition, she should be jailed for a minimum of 10 years, if not 20. After all, she’s given her own child a life sentence.

“Addiction” is no excuse

“My body, my choice.”

You might remember the repugnant pro-pedophilia articles published (and then deleted) by Salon and other media outlets. Todd Nickerson and sympathetic journalists would have us believe that pedophilia is some disease for which we should feel sympathy. The same rationalization is frequently at play concerning pregnant women with “substance abuse” problems who, let’s face it, fuck up the lives of their children long before they are even born.


In addition to the sizable financial costs of helping a child physically abused by his or her mother in the womb, the youngster is set for an unenviable life of dependence, regular social isolation, medical treatments, and a lack of many of the opportunities we all take for granted. Just as giving alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes to a newborn or young child would be illegal, every country that claims to be interested in the protection of children cannot afford not to jail mothers who consume these products when pregnant.

Feminists support the rights of women to act as they want over the rights of children to be born healthy and happy

Tennessee is one of a number of jurisdictions that have passed or have tried to pass legislation criminalizing the use of narcotics or other substances during pregnancy. A number of feminists, as evidenced in the comments section of Jezebel article, tend to support these kinds of laws. And why wouldn’t they? Who in their right mind can’t bring themselves to support serious measures for preventing the gratuitous horrors of children being unable to care for themselves once they reach adulthood and living a life of incredible pain?

Of course, large numbers of self-absorbed and plain malevolent feminists argue that women ingesting substances that end up killing or ruining the lives of children after birth are victims who should not be punished. It beggars belief that almost of all us can recognize the need to help those who suffer from congenital conditions or other serious disabilities, but certain political activists believe that those who cause this kind of suffering for children at birth are undeserving of serious punishment and ridicule.

We condemn sexual abusers (at least when they are properly convicted and with sufficient evidence) and rightfully so. We must also condemn and similarly jail women who abuse their unborn children through drinking, smoking, and drug-taking.

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