If you manage to get some money and tighten your game, the Western metropolises have their perks. Namely, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new girls. Many of them are entitled, obnoxious, fat, and devoid of game. Some are still cute or beautiful and might be scored if you keep it along and well.

However, the West has become one of the worst places to marry. Most western girls can’t help but sabotage the relationship by constantly wielding for power or get bored, hence cheat or flee so that they get another cock and more drinks find themselves.

Getting outside the West makes you able, not only to find better, cuter, more feminine girls, but it also allows you to find solid ones, able and willing to team up with you and co-fund the family you’ve always wanted. The patriarch dream is alive and well.

Going to Brazil

Your humble servant managed to get both his game life-phase and his wedding-family phase, or rather the beginning of it, in Brazil. I didn’t choose the country. I was stuck in North America, working hard but hardly getting any pussy, before my Ph.D adviser suggested putting the thesis in joint guardianship with a Brazilian teacher.

At first I thought about staying just how long I was supposed to stay, then go back to “developed” North America. But the atmosphere, the culture, the girls—not to mention the lower life cost and superior status—got me, and now I could flash my residência permanente if I ever needed to.

Brazil has lots of girls. In fact, several Brazilian cities were lacking males in 2014. Not only that, but these girls tend to be feminine, outwardly oriented, and many have a bumbum (ass) to fall for. A Brazilian girl is typically good-looking, cares about her body and knows how to dance. You will never see more escolas de dansa and gyms per square mile in another country.

There is one condition to succeed there: learn the language. Very few Brazilians really speak English—and the girls who enjoy routinely hitting up on foreigners may not be the best wife material. As I noticed during my first weeks there, speaking English only prevents you from communicating with 90% of people there, so there’s no way to get around it. The Brazilian life will require you to speak Portuguese.

For starters

Why it’s hard to settle down at first

I’d advise you to avoid overrated Rio de Janeiro and go straight to the south: São Paulo or some of the southern states (Parana, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul). The climate there is temperate and many girls are of European descent. These states were colonized and developed mostly by Italians and Germans, which means that many there descent from these stocks.

As her name doesn’t indicate, someone like model Gisele Nonnenmacher Bündchen was born and raised in Brazil. But you will also find many shades of morenas (the slightly orange-copper tint) and creamed coffee. It is easy to be tempted by the diversity of beautiful or exciting types, so perhaps it is best for a newcomer to look for short or casual relationships during several months before seeking for a wife. Brazilians say they’re just ficados when they are not (yet?) namorados, in which case the relationship becomes official and more stable.


Brazilians tend to suffer from an inferiority complex. Their country was supposed to be an empire, then a first-rate power, but it has never really hit the mark. As a result, Brazilians tend to believe the West is better and less corrupt—with many of them ignoring that Western countries have found a way to normalize and institutionalize corruptions, whereas Brazil still makes dramas of it. Girls there are no different. The simple fact of you being a Westerner will help triggering their female hypergamy.

However, even the party-goers among them retain a strong family culture. Many student girls go back to their family’s place on weekends. You will have to give them something better to do.

Finding and demonstrating value

Being a Westerner, speaking Portuguese and running some good game—strong, flirty, yet still a bit sophisticated—will definitely put you ahead. It may not be enough though. Many Brazilian girls, especially those who study and work while retaining their femininity, want men with value. You should have a job or study for at least one year to get minimal status and show that you’ll stay. Brazilian girls love travelling, but they don’t fare well when they try to stay in another country.

Even if you manage to peel your girl away from her extended family to spend more time with you, it is unlikely that she will stay with you outside of South America. If you want to marry a Brazilian damsel, you must know that most Brazilian girls you will score won’t remain in your life for so long, but you will remain in the country!

The most interesting relationship material can be found in universities and hip bars. Although leftism seems to rule unchallenged over the former, many girls there remain who they are, which means they still have the modesty, eagerness to please and love, and femininity they should have. Some social circle game can yield good results as well.

As anywhere else, the hunt for love will require patience. Learning the language, gaming lots of girls, meeting with the 30 or 40 or more members of your namorada’s extended family… all this takes time. But I’ll tell you, living here is much better than a crowded Western vampire city. As long as your town or neighborhood is reasonably good, what you get is a warmer climate, warmer people, a family-friendly culture and lower life costs. Not to mention plenty of options. What else?


Before you pack your bags, let me drop a couple of other tips and observations:

If you work as a freelancer or digital nomad, you may be able to make a decent living in Brazil

The real remains weak, so if you’re getting paid in USD, the conversion stands to your advantage. On the other hand, unless you get high-profile clients, teaching English or other languages pays almost nothing.

Interacting with Brazilian girls happens along a generally pleasing vibe

They are really interested into knowing about you. There will be some shit test, of course, but you don’t feel like you’re going to war—as one feels sometimes when picking up Western girls. Even when you don’t score, the overall result will remain pleasant.

Stay clear of drugs

The Military Police is on duty and so are criminal gangs.

Marriage is incredibly expensive

When you will have found a decent, trustworthy girl you’ll create a family with, you may consider living together just as a married couple without wedding. I initially considered wedding only at the cartório (registry office) but my future wife’s family was adamant for church. Creating a tribe comes with a price.

Brazil has no tough politics on immigration

The country does barely attract shithole-tier people due to not throwing money at aliens and tolerates illegal Westerners. I once met with a Dutch guy who stayed with no visa for more than one year and was only charged with a $450 fine.

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